Gruene Hall on a Sunday Evening


Let’s get one thing straight, I will dance to anything. Country, swing, tejano, hip pop. Two-step, three-step, half-step, waltz. I’ll do the boots scoot and boogie, I’ll wobble, shoot I’ll even throw in a little cha-cha slide. I don’t hide this love for dancing at all just read a few other posts from this blog!

GrueneBut there is something undoubtedly pretty special about dancing on an old wooden floor to a live band on a Sunday evening. And you know what? That is just what I got to do Sunday evening at Gruene Hall! So you bet I am a happy camper to start my week off.

But what made it even better, is that this band really is legit. They were not only fun to listen to but they were fun to watch. Their energy was electric and contagious. With an accordion, guitar, bass and drums you really can’t go wrong. Their music is pretty much lyrically genius. And then on top of that they may be one of my favorite cover bands.

Meet the Tejas Brothers.

Talk about fun! I wish we could have caught their whole show but the hour that we did was freaking entertaining. They remind me a lot of when I went out to Floores to watch the Mavericks. But going back to their covers, they pretty much made my night, week, month, etc. when they played Seven Spanish Angels. Almost instantly when I heard the intro leading up to the song, I grabbed my dance partner’s and shimmied gayly out to the dance floor. In hindsight, I guess I should be asking my dance partners to dance rather than telling them they are dancing but shoot change can be so difficult! Anyhow, their cover of the song did do it justice. I couldn’t have been more surprised/happy that they played it.

And then to top it off, their bass player, John Garza played/sang Chubby Checker’s The Twist. It was pretty wonderful and brought back some great memories of dancing countless times with Dad and Grandpa out at Quihi to this very song. You can’t ask for a better workout than this song at full speed. But here’s a little snip-it of the Tejas Brothers and the Twist:

Their music is authentic and fun, plain and simple. You bet I got on their mailing list and can’t wait to see when they come back to town.
Good food. Good weather. Good company. Good music. Good dancing.
And folks that’s how you do a Sunday.

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  1. We haven’t been to Gruene in a long time will have to check this band out. Grandma & Grandpa T

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