Feeling Sisterly

Kymber & Maycee

Howdy, howdy! Oops I’m still in full on Aggie mode after my trip to College Station this past weekend. But luckily I didn’t forget that I wanted to post the rest of these pictures from my little impromptu photo shoot with my little sisters two weekends ago.

I have always known that I am extremely blessed with some wonderful sisters. All three of them are intelligent, funny, beautiful and unique. I really couldn’t have asked for better best friends in life. We keep each other entertained that’s for sure. They are there for me when I need to celebrate, to vent, to laugh or to cry. They have always been the reason why I push myself hard and hard to become a better person professionally, spiritually and socially. And no matter what I hope they always know their big sister will be there for them whenever they need me. I’m so happy to have watched all three of them grow up to be successful, thus far, and I absolutely can’t wait to watch them beat the heck out of the future :)

Friday, I gave you a little sneak peak with one of these but I think you’ll enjoy the rest. Yes, they are funny and kind of cooky, but I really don’t care. These were the type of pictures I wanted to take to step out of my comfort zone and do things more for an editorial thought in mind. Not that I will ever likely take pictures for a magazine or album covers, it was still fun pretending! But seriously only cool people would be walking on a gravel road with a big yellow suitcase in hand. Or have a ridiculously out-of-date camera around their neck. But hey when you find interesting things at a rummage sale, you can’t pass up the opportunity. I thought the pictures turned out well and most importantly we had a blast!


  1. I loved the pictures and the theme you were going for… “old fashioned and cool.” But please be careful about labeling anything “ridiculously out-of-date”. Somtimes things, and people come back to surprise us all! Remember old guys like me get sensitive sometimes.

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