A Voodoo Queen and Old Country Music


This might be the most crazy, old country song I have ever heard. This is not my first time hearing this interesting tune, but I’m not lying or over-exaggerating when I say that it has come on at least four times this week. Ever since I happened to play it when I was looking for a Bobby Bare song, it has come up several times. But I guess that’s how it always happens.

Down in Lou´siana where the black trees grow, lives a voodoo lady named Marie Laveau.
She got a black cat tooth and a mojo bone, and anyone wouldn´t leave her alone.
She go GREEEEEEEEEEEE… Another man done gone.
She live in a swamp in a hollow log with a one-eyed snake and a three-legged dog.
She got a bent bony body and stringy hair, And if she ever seen you messin´ round there, She go GREEEEEEEEEEEE… Another man done gone.

MarieLaveau_(Frank_Schneider)But seriously this song. It’s about the Louisiana Voodoo Queen named Marie Laveau. She led an interesting life in the 1800s and obviously enough so that she had this song written about her. Surprisingly, Marie Laveau was Bobby Bare’s only #1 hit in 1974.

And then one night when the moon was black,
into the swamp came Handsome Jack.
A no-good man like you all know,
and he was lookin´ around for Marie Laveaux .
He said, “Marie Laveau, you lovely witch,
Why don´t you gimme a little charm that´ll make me rich.
Gimme million dollars, and I´ll tell you what I´ll do…
This very night I´m gonna marry you.”
It´ll be UMMMMMMMM… Another man done gone.

Bobby Bare is one of those artists that you appreciate but they are not necessarily at the forefront of my mind when I think about my favorite artists. However, if songs such as Detroit City and 500 Miles Away From Home come on the radio, I can promise you I would never change the station. His voice is extremely pleasing to listen to, I probably just haven’t given the effort to listen to his other tunes enough to begin to fully appreciate his whole career.

So Marie did some magic and she shook a little sand,
made a million dollars, and she put it in his hand.
Then she looked and she said , “Hey hey, I´m gettin´ ready for my wedding day.”
But ol´ Handsome Jack said “Good-bye Marie. You too damn ugly for a man like me.”
So Marie started shakin´, her fangs started gnashin´,
her body started shakin´, and her eyes started flashin´.
She went GREEEEEEEEEEEE… Another man done gone.

But hats off to him for choosing to record this crazy one of a kind hit that should surely teach men a thing or two about trying to double-cross a woman!

So if you ever get down where the black tree grow and meet a voodoo lady named Marie Laveaux,
And if she ever asks you to make her your wife, Man, you better stay with her for the rest of your life
Or it´ll be GREEEEEEEEEEEE… Another man done gone.

And of course I had to share with you more videos!

Detroit City

500 Miles Away From Home

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