Grilled Cheese, Wine & Rain

Happy Belated National Sandwich Day! That’s right, yesterday was the big day for bread and whatever you may fill between it. Such a special day for the carb nation, I suppose! It’s a good thing I am such a strong supporter of everything sandwich, otherwise, I may be tempted to not blog at all about this occasion.

But not to worry, sandwiches play such an important role in my life that I will gladly cover the big day. You may be surprised but yesterday morning was the first I had ever heard of National Sandwich Day. Not that I was surprised though. There is a day for everything now. But when I found this out, I gave out a small laugh in my office and sort of shrugged it off. It wasn’t until later that day, that I had an idea for a legit sandwich that was blog post-worthy. But here goes:

Novemberish Grilled Cheese

Novemberish Grilled Cheese

Funny name you might suggest. Well yes and no. It is hinting that this is the type of grilled cheese to be made in the fall and less so in the summer. Your opinion may differ and if so you should get your own blog and blog about it ;) ha just kidding, this rain tonight is making me more and more sarcastic!

But anyhow, my grilled cheese is quite simple.

Sourdough bread — you could do something else but this worked perfectly for me

Brie Cheese — you’ve got to give this cheese a try. Ask someone at the grocery store which kind they have that would be best for this situation. I was directed toward a French cheese that wasn’t a double- or triple-creme Brie. The HEB employee assured me this was very important!

Cranberry Sauce — I actually used a Cranberry, Pomegranate and Jalapeño spread from HEB. Plain delightful.

And that is it! Well besides butter to lightly coat the outside of the bread with. Once you have set your sandwich up, lay in a skillet that has been heating up for a couple of minutes on a medium heat. I have cast iron so it really doesn’t take much for it to keep the heat. About 2-3 minutes per side should do the trick.

This easy recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser or if you are like me a solo pleaser! This could also be a perfect way to use up the leftover cranberries after Thanksgiving!

And to pair with it, I drank a Chateau Ste. Michele Pinot Gris. Absolutely a lovely bottle for under $10. On top of this delicious sandwich and glass of wine, it has been raining for well over two hours! Another amazing blessing :))

Happy Tuesday & Hump-day-eve!

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