Rain Makes for the Best Reading Time

Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good

Another rainy night? Could it have been just a dream? Well the ground couldn’t have lied to me, this morning, when I took Ellie out. After these past two days, I am really regretting not having my pair of rubber boots with me at the apartment. Wet feet is never a great way to start your morning. But this is really not a complaint, more of an observation. I can just hear Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa telling me that I wouldn’t have to worry about this if I just lived at home with them and she was an outside dog. But my response: here, it only rains a couple days out of the year, so I can just manage through it.

And when I say manage, I mean drink wine, finish a book and sleep through it. Lucky for me, Ellie is completely okay with these kinds of evenings too. As long as she has her bone and can be right next to me, she’s a happy camper. I am not above admitting to the whole internet that I went home after work yesterday, took Ellie out in the rain for a short walk, made bean and cheese tacos, drank a glass of wine, finished my book and promptly went to sleep at 7:30. You can bet I didn’t fight it either. Some evenings are to be lived like you are still in college with little care in the world. And other nights are to be lived like a glass of wine and an episode of Murder She Wrote is all your brain can take. These two polar opposites are actually my real life. Although I do feel like I should get a pass of judgement when it rains. Rain, in this part of Texas, is a big enough excuse to get you out of anything. Then again, rain or no rain, I have both of these kind of nights on a regular basis.

Speaking of reading, I must talk about the absolutely wonderful books I have finished lately. White Indian by Donald Clayton Porter, took me by surprise. Great first novel in a series of 20. Looking forward to reading the next once I find one! It reminded me of Ride the Wind, a novel about Cynthia Ann Parker’s life with the Comanche.

I’ve always had a soft spot for historical fiction, especially about the American frontier period from the 17th – 19th centuries. I used to only read Louis L’Amours, but last year I began to venture out to the novels by Max Brand, Zane Gray, Clarence Mulford, William Johnstone, and so forth.

Lately, I have been reading two books at a time. I read a western book (an actual book with real pages to turn!) during the twenty minutes a day I spend walking from my car to the three elevators I have to ride to my office. And the other I listen to an audiobook during my rides to and from work. The audiobook ranges in genre just depending on what I happen to have unread in my library at the time. My last two audiobooks were also historical fiction but of the 20th century sort, and both of which are books that I highly recommend. Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan and The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin.

Now that I have finished these books, I’ve got to refresh. Of course, I already have my next western to read picked out; it’s going to be The Cattle Queen Feud by Wayne D. Overholser. A short read of only 153 pages but yet another author I can add to my list of having read. Audiobook wise, I have a number of shorter reads I’d like to get through before I decide which novel I want to devote 15+ hours of my time to! Any suggestions are always welcome :)

Having read these novels brings me up to at lease 16 books on the year. Not exactly as many as I would have hoped but I still have 56 more days before it’s 2015….. oh my goodness where has 2014 gone?

…in typical fashion, I took a post about how happy the rain makes me, which only needed to be 300 or so words long and turned it into a book review that’s twice as long! I guess that’s just my style of writing. Hope everyone stays dry today but enjoys the heck out of this beautiful wet stuff falling from the sky :))

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