Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 13

Edition 13: November 7, 2014

Fave Photo Friday: November 7, 2014

Happy first Friday of November! This is one of my most favorite sunset pictures of all time. I actually took this about a year ago after work one evening. That was when I was still living at home with my family out in the country. Living out there, I learned to never be too far away from my camera because you never know when you may need it right quick. Sunsets are so bittersweet though, they can be so gorgeous but skies like these don’t last very long.

Recently, I was driving out to my family’s place and the most beautiful sunset in a long, long time was happening. But, I was on the highway, with no way to stop and take a picture of it. Unfortunately by the time I got home, it was already dark. Life learning moment I guess. When things are going great, you better take advantage of that time! You never know when it may be cut short!

I think this may need to be another one of those pictures I take and turn into a faux oil painting!

Happy Weekend folks :)

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