Sneak Peek for the Grads

Emily & Jennifer November 9, 2014

Talk about a fantastic weekend! Downtown Friday night. Saturday, the Ags pull off the upset in Alabama against the Auburn Tigers. And Sunday, my camera and I were back at it. Few things feel better than taking pictures on a beautiful day.

The more pictures I take of people I don’t know prior, the more I absolutely love what I am doing! It’s pushing me out of my comfort zone just enough to help me grow as not only a photographer but as a person as well. As corny as that may sound, it’s true. Believe it or not, I am not a very shy person. I’m a talker that takes pleasure in meeting new people and conversation. However, that doesn’t necessarily extend to giving direction. There is always that awkwardness of not wanting to be bossy but making sure they get great pictures. But of course, my job is considerably easier when I have people like Emily & Jennifer to photograph. A fun shoot to say the least. In less than an hour and a half we had racked up over 500 pictures at several different places around the campus of UTSA. Such a beautiful campus! I am so happy they gave me a little tour so that I can keep it in mind for future reference :)

Anyhow, they requested a little sneak peek ( I seriously can’t believe that I had never thought about doing this before for people ), so here are a handful of the pictures we took. Later this week, I’ll post more of them, but six is just as much of a sneak peak as it is a tease! Thank goodness for hour-long lunch breaks. Here lately several a week have turned into Sheerheart Photography time! Can’t wait to get the rest posted!

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