Dear Mr. Johnson & Park,

First off, THANK YOU for coming to San Antonio!

But really, ever since I left good ole College Station, there has been a void in my life. And that void would be live Texas Country music. Sure, there are some shows, but not near the amount as compared to College Station. It’s really almost a tragedy. A bit of an exaggeration, but live Texas Country, is usually an inexpensive form of entertainment that involves beer and a dance floor. If that’s not a perfect night out, I don’t know what is.

Nonetheless, both of you are some of my favorite entertainers. Neither of you have let me down before. And if $15 to see y’all tonight isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is!

The purpose of this letter was to (1) let you know how much I love both of your music, (2) give the people who read my blog for some reason, some great suggestions for music to listen to, and (3) make some set list recommendations. That is, if you care at all about the opinions of one 24-year-old country girl stuck in the big city for the night.

So here goes…

Cody, you’re first. “Dance Her Home” may be the best song with the word dance in the title since Gary P. Nunn’s “The Girl Just Loves to Dance.” So it’s a must. Really, please play this one. Next if you can find an old man to do the intro to “Cowboy Like Me” like the one on the CD, then you’ve 100% got to do this one. If you can’t find an old man to do the intro, then go with “Give a Cowboy a Kiss“. Shoot play both :) “Pretend” is a great one. And of course “Diamond in My Pocket” and “Texas Kind of Way” should be somewhere in the lineup. “Pray for Rain” is also pretty relevant in this neck of the woods, even after the couple of inches we got this last week.

Now Kyle, I’ve got to be honest with you. I have bought every single one of your CDs and EPs since I first saw you play at the Texas Hall of Fame back in 2008 or ’09, it’s all a blur. So it’s really hard to keep it to just a few suggestions. But her are some that I narrowed it down to:

Welp, after spending time on this here letter, I’m officially pumped for later this evening! I know it won’t be the same without being in College Station but I have complete faith that y’all have it under control.

See you later guys!
Sincerely yet another one of your biggest fans,


P.S. to everyone who never had the opportunity to frequent the Texas Hall of Fame in Bryan, Texas, I am extremely sad for you. It was one of the best dance halls I have ever been to. But with all of my finding links for the songs above, I was reminded of how great it was. I also had to laugh because I came across this video.

You see, once I was in college, I took it for granted that every night when you were out dancing at midnight, the War Hymn would be sung. Makes me smile and laugh at the same time when I am anywhere else dancing and this doesn’t happen. Or the reverse and I am at a wedding with a bunch of Ags and this does happen!!! Sorry just had to go ahead and go down memory lane for a moment.

P.S.S. Cody and Kyle are among the few newer (meaning not from the 50s, 60s, and 70s that I often listen to) that are still real country music. They sound exactly the same live as they do on their CDs. I’d take this concert over any Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan one any day :)

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