Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 16 Way Behind!

Dear Lord. Where has the past few weeks gone? It’s been so long since I last posted and I just can’t believe it. I had been on such a roll with my Fave Photo Fridays but the last two weeks have been nuts on all fronts of my life. Unbelievable turn of events that I’m not even going to get into because they are way too dramatic for what my life should be!

BUT, I have had some really great times laced in between all the craziness. Thanks to the wonderful company I work for, I had both Thursday and Friday off. What a vacation it was. All I did was hang out with my family, be outside and take pictures of the cows and Graham — the miniature donkey.

Since I neglected to do Fave Photo Fridays for both November 28th and December 5th, I’ll post two of my favorite pictures from my little photo excursion last week. Hopefully I’ll get back into the groove of things quickly and get more stuff posted but until these pictures from out in the country will have to do. Once I slap my logo on the rest of the pictures from this field trip I’ll get them posted asap! … ok no promises that may be another few days. I left my charger at my apartment and I realized this after I got to my parents house and my mac only has 9% :/

Ok seriously though, how gorgeous is this heifer?!?! She’s less than 3 months old and she’s a beauty. To top it off, she’s extremely inquisitive as well! Packing my camera and a monopod I was sitting cross-legged in the oats and this girl just kept circling around me. No zoom lens needed with her and obviously not with Graham either! He’s pretty much one of the most fun creatures I’ve ever got to take pictures of on a pretty regular basis. He’s been around long enough to know we may or may not have a carrot or two in our back pocket, making it necessary for him to always be right up on your grill.

There’s nothing quite like fresh air and family time to clear my head and make me happy. I’ll keep trucking along, and maybe one of these weeks I’ll get back to posting several times a week :) Happy December everybody!

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