Blue Santa & a New Series! My Best-Loved at the Moment

Blue Santa

Holy moly, it’s Thursday y’all! And thank goodness. This week is a bit of a love-hate. December is so much fun because of the holidays, but really and truly the holidays just mean that work is even more busy and squeezed into a fewer amount of days.

BUT, oh the holidays. How wonderful they are on so many different levels. From the obvious gift-giving to the generosity, it is just simply a special time of they year. On that note, first, I want to give a big shout out to my office. We are a tiny group of only 14, but jeez when these opportunities to give back, like United Way or Blue Santa, roll around we pull more than our fair share.

Blue SantaEarlier this week, a couple of the guys gave me some money to go shopping for them and wow Sydney and I did work at Kohls. We bought $600.85 worth of toys and games for only $236.13! Besides the numerous sales they were running, it was also the last day for a 25% off coupon I had. Pictured to the left is our office Christmas tree and our haul of toys :)

Now on to the gift-giving / maybe a little shopping for yourself aspect of this time of year! I would like to introduce my newest theme of blog posts, My Best-Loved At the Moment.

Beings that I am a girl, I have lots of favorites and lots of opinions.. that constantly change! So this will honor what’s peaking my interest at the moment and making me happy.

My first two favorite things right now are relevant because this time of year also means it’s time to buy yourself a new calendar for 2015. And well who buys only one? Honestly though these can’t be compared side-by-side. One is to actually keep a calendar of my events and goings. While the other one is more of a novelty.

Steel Cow 2015 Calendar1. Steel Cow’s 2015 Calendar

$19.99 Online — No I didn’t get the frame too, but you can bet I can’t wait to get this sucker put out on my desk. I mean who doesn’t want a unique cow calendar on their desk?!?

2. Sugar Paper’s Monthly 2015 Planner

Sugar Paper Monthly Planner$6.99 @ Target — It’s pretty much one of the coolest planner’s I have ever purchased and quite the steal. The picture you see here is of my actual calendar. None of the pictures online do this calendar justice. It’s simple and efficient with a hint of elegance. Anyhow there’s not many planners you can get for this price!

3. Killing Ruby Rose 

Killing Ruby Rose$8.99 (paperback) / $4.99 (Kindle) — To confess, I read this book months ago. I actually can’t believe I hadn’t posted anything about it. Or maybe I did and forgot. But anyhow, we  just got the second book, Resisting Ruby Rose on the Kindle and I can’t wait to read it. I got Sydney hooked on this book. She read it in three days, so you know it’s a good read. Once she finishes up with the next one I’ll hoard the Kindle for a few days. This book is an easy read but don’t let that mistake you into thinking not much happens. There are more twists and turns in this book. It’s predictable but not predictable at the same time. Highly recommend for all ages. And if you have Audible, I highly recommend. The narrator of this book has been my favorite of all of the books I have read/listened to with Audible.

4. My Candie’s Nude Pumps

Candie's Blush Pumps $27.99 @ Kohls — These shoes. I have too many good things to say about these shoes. First, the most important: they are a beautiful pair of shoes. Secondly, they are surprisingly comfortable. Not always a requirement if the heels are cute enough but this is a plus. After one day of breaking them in, they are one of the most comfy pair of heels in my closet. The color nude they are is perfect. Not too beige and not too tan. They almost have a slight rose tint to them. In the month I’ve owned them, I’ve worn them at least six or seven times already, both to work and on nights out! And yep, those are my feet to the left.

5. Lady Like by Essie

$8.50 MSRP, but free from Sydney’s collection! — Now that I am sorta, kinda living back at home, I have people to paint my finger nails :) Painting my own nails is such a drag. I usually end up messing up when I attempt painting my right hand nails, then I get mad and just remove all of the polish and give up on the idea. Essie Lady LikeBut as I said, beings back home I know Sydney and maybe even Kymber will be willing to paint their big sis’s nails for her. Lady Like was recommended by Sydney. I’ve worn it for four days now and can safely say this is one of my favorite nail polishes to wear of all time. After black shellac of course! And yes the pic to the right is actually my hand. Don’t judge me for my awful cuticles! I’m working on those!

On a side note, I would love to know if someone’s entire job is thinking of names for these Essie polishes. That would be so terrific. If you a of the male species or just don’t paint your nails much, you must look into some of these names. Imported Bubbly, Starter Wife, Butler Please, Parka Perfect, DJ Play that Song, I Pink I Can, etc. Half of the fun when you buy eye shadows, lip sticks and nail polishes is reading the names!


6. Christmas Music on Spotify

When you use Spotify, you literally have millions of songs at your fingertips. I have a number of playlists put together for various occasions and moods.  I’ve got one with some dance hall country music in case I just feel like two-stepping alone one night in my kitchen or something. Another one with my Texas Country favorites. One with some of my favorite rap and hip-pop songs that gets me pumped to do just about anything. And then I have ELEVEN different playlists with old country music. They all differ for one reason or another but I’m still obsessed with all of them and still won’t delete them!

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling awfully full of the Christmas spirit. I’m crediting this due to a barge ride last night on the river in downtown-San Antonio. Seeing all of those beautiful lights and happy people, what’s better than that! Plus it was a great tour and our guide had some really random facts. And let’s be real, random facts are pretty high up on my all-time favorite things list. So I went ahead and put a Christmas playlist together — White Beards, Red Suits and Jesus. Feel free to take a listen and follow me and/or this list! If you keep it on shuffle you’ll notice a bit of variety.

Well I think I better cut this list off here, otherwise it may take me weeks to finish this post! I hope everyone finishes their week off grandly. Only 14 more days until Santa comes ;)

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