Movie Spree in Order

Many apologies! It has been since the middle of December since I last posted! Just can’t believe how the time flies. So much has been had over the past month. The good, the bad, and the interesting.

But so happy that 2015 is here. A lot of things to be looking forward to in this upcoming year. A handful of resolutions on my mind that I will post shortly. Last year I had a pretty general list of resolutions and I feel like I kept up with most of them pretty well. I read more in 2014. I was definitely more charitable than ever before. And I made so many new friends.

But can we quickly touch on the wonderful movies I have watched lately?!? Ever since Christmas Day I have been on a roll with a handful of great ones. So I figured I would be a doll and lend you a list of movies I highly recommend.

In order only by chronologically:

1. The Magnificent Seven (1960); In Color

magnificent-seven5202012A western, of course, has to start this list. Dad and I were looking to try out his new Fire Stick. Pretty neat device. But anyhow, we were browsing through the movies that came up when we searched “John Wayne” and this one was on the list. However, a couple of minutes into the movie we realized he was actually not one of the Magnificent Seven and he wasn’t even in the movie at all! Not to worry, though, the movie was one of the best westerns I’ve seen in a while. A little more like the Clint Eastwood kind of westerns. Very quotable movie if there ever was one! I’ll give you a few just to whet your palette:

“The graveyards are full of boys who were very young, and very proud.”

“They are farmers here. They are afraid of everyone and everything. They are afraid of rain and no rain. The summer may be too hot, the winter too cold.”

“Farmers talk of nothing but fertilizer and women. I’ve never shared their enthusiasm for fertiliser. As for women, I became indifferent when I was 83. I am staying here.”

2. How to Steal A Million (1966); In Color220px-Howtostealamillion

A different genre on this one but still an oldie and a goodie! And actually I watched this on Christmas Day too. I just was in that sort of mood! Well Audrey Hepburn has still never let me down. I have watched countless films of hers which only leads me to another great one. All of these films I have watched on Amazon Prime. And after you watch a film it recommends more to you. So yeah, it gets addicting.

But anyways, this movie is such a fun, comedy about a woman who must steal in order to conceal her father’s art forgeries. This description caught my attention and it does not disappoint!

3. An Affair to Remember (1957); In Color

affair_to_rememberGuess what? I watched another movie on Christmas Day! When I finished How to Steal A Million, it was on the list of recommendations. I had never heard of it but have loved watching Cary Grant in the past so figured it was worth the watch. Boy this is most definitely a romantic drama. A story like one you wouldn’t expect. Phenomenal acting and  just an amazing movie to say it simply. The tagline they used for the promotion of this movie was, “Every precious moment of the glad…tender…triumphant love they found — and almost lost!” It is a special movie that is a bit impractical. But most movies of that genre are, even today. Not going to divulge any more details. But this one plus the previous movie on the list would be great for a couple’s movie night, if you’re up for turning back the clock a couple of decades. Just saying :)

4. What a Way to Go (1964); In Color

What A Way to GoFinally one I didn’t watch on Christmas! Yet another one from the 60s. This time this was a movie without any actors I really recognized, besides Dick Van Dyke. But that doesn’t count because I have never watched anything with a young-Dick Van Dyke, only Diagnosis Murderer. On that note, I am still very upset that show isn’t on Amazon Prime or Netflix. But anyhow back to this movie: a true comedy this one is. Funny until the very last-minute. Far from predictable when it comes to how it ends, but with an obvious pattern in between. I can only imagine the kind of reception this film got when it was first released. That makes me think I need to ask my grandparents and great-relatives if any of them ever went to a drive-in to see any of these films! Grandma, I know you read these posts of mine, so feel free to chime in!

5. The Grass is Greener (1960); In Color

The Grass is GreenerI promise I watch movies in other decades as well but at least this list isn’t full of only black and white movies! I refuse to apologize for my love of old movies. There were plenty of terrible movies made in the old days too, but it’s just easier to pick out the good ones, which have stood the test of time.

This movie was a bit different though. As a whole, The Grass is Greener was a comedy. Although, in several parts of the film, there are points of awkwardness. A love triangle exposed and then dealt with in a way you wouldn’t expect!

6. Three Guys Named Mike (1951); Black and WhiteThree Guys Named Mike

And here is where a black and white movie makes it on the list. I remember spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s way back when, circa 2003 or so, we drank milkshakes Grandma made us and watched Sabrina, a 1954, black and white film with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. Ever since that night, I have been in love with films from that period, especially romantic comedies.

Three Guys Named Mike, was another film in which I did not recognize the name of any of the actors. All-in-all, it is a fun film. From the acting to the plot, you just can’t be more light-hearted than this. A quick 90 minutes and trust me, after the first five minutes you won’t even remember it’s not in color.

7. Shall We Dance? (2004); In Color

Shall We Dance?Ok, so I can’t remember what I watched that caused this to be in my recommended list but it was pretty good. Not an oldie like the rest of this list but a typical Jennifer Lopez movie. But I guess at the same time not exactly. Won’t explain why not because that would sort of be a major spoiler. But its a comedy. Not really that much of a romantic comedy, at least for me, but all the same a pretty good and somewhat predictable movie to watch. I did fast-forward through stints of it because it was a little slow. But I was also starting this blog while watching it so that might have had some effect.

This movie is loaded with familiar names: Richard Gere to lead, as before mentioned, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Lisa Ann Walter, Anita Gillette and even a very young Nick Cannon. Overall a movie worth watching, maybe more for a girls night, unless everyone in your company appreciates the early 21st century JLo.

So I almost know for a fact, I have left off at least one movie from this list that I have watched in the last week. I’m not sure how long this movie-watching trend will continue, but if you have any suggestions for me please comment or send me an email!

More lists and reviews to come in 2015! And a post tomorrow, which is today now. Posting way past my bedtime tonight.

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