2014 in Rewind


What a year 2014 was! So much change. But almost all was welcomed. Anyhow, 2014 was a huge year for my blog. WordPress emailed us a little report highlighting some really cool aspects about what I accomplished on sheerheart.org this past year. And I must say, I am a pretty happy camper.

First off, my site was viewed over 13,000 times! That may not be a whole lot when you compare that to other people’s. But it’s something I would have never imagined for my blog when I first got started with this.

To that same effect, people from over 64 countries viewed my blog in 2014!
1. USA (obviously) 2. Brazil 3. Canada 4. Ireland 5. Mexico

And I posted a total of 72 times. The most viewed posts of 2014 were:

  1. The Reason Why I Always Have Something to Look Forward To — By far one of the posts I am most proud of. Something extremely near and dear to my heart.
  2. I Love My Dog, But  — Adding a bunch of pictures of my adorable dog to a post about a very huge current event this year, proved to be a successful way to say what I thought without getting overly dry and serious.
  3. Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 5 — A black and white picture of my beautiful sisters would have to be on this list! It came in on the list at No. 3.
  4. Our Dad, Our Everything — I’m telling you, I love my family so much. Words could never do them justice. But I do my best and writing about anyone in my family comes naturally.
  5. Dear Lord, I’m on YouTube — I can’t believe that this one had so many views at the very end of the year and made it on this list. The embarrassment was worth the laughs!

Really I couldn’t have been more pleased fitting all 72 posts into one year. Having a full time job, plus an ever-expanding photography hobby, my free time dwindles. Finding the time to post isn’t always easy. Although, I must admit seeing people continually visit and comment on my posts makes me want to work even harder to continue posting.

So with a little enthusiasm, patience and determination let’s make 2015 even better!

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