Why Hello Twenty Fifteen


We’re already twelve days into the new year. Might as well be 12 months! Ok, slight over-reaction. But I can only imagine how quick this year will feel. So many exciting things! Moving into a new place with my sister, a slew of weddings and all things Aggie coming up the first quarter of this year. Hard to believe last year was my first full year back in the San Antonio area since I had left for college. Surely 2015 will be able to top it.

In 2014, I had set some pretty generic goals to keep me on track. And quite honestly, I think they served me well. They weren’t the unattainable, micro-managing type of resolutions that don’t last past the end of January. But then again they weren’t life changing and remained extremely personal.


So to capitalize on that same sort of mindset, here are some of my totally attainable, yet challenging goals I have set for myself in 2015:
(PS, that graphic is something I did some edits to last night. Hoping to keep adding more of my design work to this site as time goes on.)

    Continuing to page through those books! Last year I accomplished my goal of reading two per month. In 2015, I am going to attempt to read 30. Goodreads, one of my favorite book sites, has a Reading Challenge tracker that I have employed to keep me going. Already one book into the year, but that’s for a different post!
  2. SAVE MONEY. Ahorre dinero. Geld sparen. Faire des économies.
    Yep that’s “Save Money” in four different languages (or at least according to Google Translate!) But anyways, in this coming year, my housing situation will be changing, allowing me, while paying rent, to put more money towards my student loans and possibly a down payment on a future vehicle. Having my car paid off for the past nine months has been so wonderful! But at the same time, I have taken that savings and splurged a bit on my living arrangements in most of 2014. I did well in last year limiting my spending on material things like clothes and technology but I could have been a little more frugal when it came to my apartments. But oh man I did love my last one so much and I would have made it work, but something  frustrating, complicated and completely out of my hands didn’t give me that choice. Although I must say, in true Tschirhart fashion, my family has helped me find the silver lining and turn a dangerous**situation into one that has my name written all over it. **PS as much as I want to just say “bad situation”, this one was truly dangerous and I just didn’t find it appropriate to understate the circumstances. Let’s just leave it at, I’m not moving out of my apartment because I want to or can’t afford it. However, the dear Lord has shown through and provided me with an adventure that will prove to be just as if not more fun and memorable–after all I’ll be living with one of my sisters again!
    So now that I think about it, let’s rename this goal. It will now be called:
    SAVE MONEY. Ahorre dinero. Geld sparen. Faire des économies.
    Give more of my money and more of my time, to the things that mean so much to me. On the first note, I have already made an effort. A couple of weeks ago, I registered to become a parishioner at the church in my hometown. Not quite sure why it feels so good to have a set of envelopes assigned to me, but looking forward to increasing my contribution throughout the year.
    And oh my time! Good thing I don’t have kids yet. Between a full-time job, my growing photography habit, my family and now my involvement with the San Antonio A&M Club, I know it wouldn’t be possible to fit them in! But that’s what youth is for I guess. In the last couple of months, I have become the Young Aggie Coordinator apart of the greater SA A&M Club. And oh what an amazing organization this is. Our events are a blast, and really and truly, everything is geared towards scholarships that are given to students going to Texas A&M from Bexar County. It’s a catchall opportunity as well. Not only will I be networking with other Aggies through our social and service events, but I’ll be getting valuable experience in event planning, marketing and fundraising. Anyhow, as you can tell, I am stoked for where this ride will take me!
    To be honest, my little photography hobby began as something I truly loved and had an interest in, but only grew so much out of necessity. As I said in No. 2 above, I was a little more stretched than I preferred to be. However, because of this, I put myself out there more than I ever would have otherwise and took on a good number of photography jobs on the weekends and after 5 during the week anytime I had daylight! These opportunities I had this past fall and winter are priceless. My portfolio tripled in only a few months. More of my photography will be uploaded to this site in the coming weeks :)
    Because of my success in finding my little niche in the business,  I sure as heck don’t want to quit that dream just because I hopefully won’t be as strapped! So here’s to keeping my foot on the gas and continued success for my budding hobby.
    What I mean by this, is I want to begin to do more of a variety of posts. I had great success with my Fave Photo Friday posts in 2014 (don’t worry that series will continue), but I want to do more things like that to keep me honest with posting regularly. Also I would love to do some audio posts, so some of you can put a wacky voice to my post. At A&M, I did some work with Adobe’s program, Audition. I’ll need to knock off some serious rust but between that and a little video work, I will be making my MacBook Pro do what it was built for! I have some ideas in mind, but if you have any ideas, you should probably comment below :)

Well, I think this is a pretty good generic, but specific, list for now. It could grow in the coming weeks. Updates to come, monthly… I hope ;)

Happy Monday y’all!

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