Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 18

Edition 18: January 16, 2015

It’s back! Fave Photo Friday is back and here to stay. At least for another 49 weeks in 2015.

So this photo is just darling. There was no way in heck I wasn’t going to use this at some point on my blog. Happy kids in photos are a real treasure. These two were so fun to photograph. Kyndall wasn’t the most cooperative at times, but she was never a crying baby. Mostly just uninterested, but her big brother had a knack for getting her attention. However, keeping her corralled once we put her on the ground was the challenge! Quick fingers to click away on the camera and get a picture at the opportune time seems to be key when photographing little ones!

Edition 18: January 16, 2015

Looking forward to getting more experience in family photography! Posting more pictures from my holiday Christmas shoots!



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