Random Facts About Yours Truly

Selfie with Ellie

I got the idea of this post from one of my favorite Aggie bloggers, shout out to Mary for such a sweet and fun blog!

So here goes my list of 35 random facts about myself. Some of these things have been posted about before, so I’ve gone ahead and linked them to those posts for you!

Catholic ♦ ♦
I’m a Leo, but I don’t really follow horoscopes and what not ♦ ♦
A proud 5′ 2 ½”.. don’t forget the ½, it’s important ♦ ♦
Eldest of 4 girls ♦ ♦
I love being from a big family ♦ ♦
Have traveled to 9 states plus the District of Columbia, but never of the country ♦ ♦
I’ll probably never live out-of-state ♦ ♦
Majored in Agricultural Communications & Journalism from Texas A&M University ♦ ♦
My pet peeve is bad grammar on Facebook ♦ ♦
Sometime in my life I want to write a book ♦ ♦
Would have been named Leland, if I was born a boy ♦ ♦
Still have my love letters from high school ♦ ♦
I have no musical talent, other than being able to put together a good playlist ♦ ♦
Dislike most reality TV with a passion, especially The Bachelor (I get too embarrassed for them!) ♦ ♦
Rarely do I go to the movies ♦ ♦
I always order water with a lemon at restaurants, guess I’m a cheap date ;) ♦ ♦
I like sushi ♦ ♦
Pizza is one of the few things I crave ♦ ♦
I drink my coffee black ♦ ♦
I love listening to older people tell stories ♦ ♦
I would rather it be 100°F outside than 50°F ♦ ♦
Have never been to a tanning salon ♦ ♦
Wish I could speak another language ♦ ♦
I often enjoy driving home in silence ♦ ♦
I don’t know what my dream job is yet ♦ ♦
Can no longer watch Law & Order: SVU alone ♦ ♦
Have never smoked cigarettes or tried any drugs ♦ ♦
My first celebrity crush that I can remember was Clay Walker ♦ ♦
I dislike all mint/chocolate combinations ♦ ♦
I don’t know how to change a tire (should be a New Year’s resolution!) ♦ ♦
My favorite kind of shopping is doing it with my sister Sydney ♦ ♦
My best work comes at the last-minute ♦ ♦
I adopted Ellie, my dog ♦ ♦
I have put more thought into my next dog’s name, rather than the name of my future kids ♦ ♦
I’m a firm believer in continuing to learn new things, no matter how old I get ♦ ♦

Well that is my list! Coming up I will have a post about all of my favorite things! This post would have just been too long if I would have included them.

Happy Tuesday people!

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  1. Yes I also learned some things about you. Yes their are some things you could learn like another language go for it and learn how to change a tire which might be very rewarding. As far as that goes both things could be very rewarding . Love Ya Grandma T

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