Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 20


Wow! Edition No. 20. This series has become much more than I would have ever anticipated. Without planning on it, Fave Photo Friday has helped me step from behind the camera and show off some of my work. At the beginning I thought it would be a great way show off some of my work, while at the same time increasing traffic to my site. A couple of editions in I realized that this series was making a huge impact on me. Now more often than not I carry my camera with me, just in case I can get my next Fave Photo. I think longer about composition, lighting, subject matter, color versus black and white, and so forth. But more than anything, I have begun to appreciate and be proud of my portfolio.

Edition 20: January 30, 2015

Therefore it would only be fitting that for my twentieth edition, I go back home with it. The above is the sunrise this past Monday morning before I took off for work. It was ridiculously hard to pick just one picture to call my Fave Photo of this week; however, after much deliberation I have chosen this one…. and then of course below I have shared the rest with you!

Absolutely none of these photos were edited other than putting the logo on the picture above. None of these pictures were even cropped! About as close to straight off the camera as you can get! How could you not believe in God, when you see sunrises like these? Hard not to start your day off right with this greeting you.

These pictures were taken within 5 minutes. Pretty amazing how quickly the day transitions. Just like everything else in the world, it’s got to go by fast!

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  1. How amazing do you realize a lot of people never see these beautiful sunrises. You are very thought to take pictures like these to share with us. Thank you Granddaughter. Love Ya

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