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Dolly Parton

Aggie BarnWell, well, well, Tuesday, you are here and just about gone. I’ve got quite the evening ahead of me. The Young Aggies of San Antonio are meeting at Pinot’s Palette to paint the iconic Aggie Barn. Can’t wait to get that painted and hung up in the new house. Can’t have too much Aggie decor in a house, can you? I’ll be posting a pic of my masterpiece tomorrow! Beings that I have less than an ounce of artistry in me, this should be awfully interesting. But it’s an Aggie social so no matter what I know I’ll be having a great time!

But anyhow, I was really wanting to post something today and thought another list would be a fun kind of post to break from my normal routine. So I have put a Twenty Things Tuesday: To Do in February list together. This list will include things and ways to find entertainment, enrichment, organization and personal growth in the February 2015. Maybe I’ll do this for the coming months and maybe not, we’ll just have to see! Comment below with any other suggestions for the month of February!

1.   Clean your desktop (on your computer…)  — clear out all of those unnecessary icons
2.   Inventory your shoe collection  — this one is scary to think about, but I’ll do a post in the coming weeks about mine!
3.   Try out a new bold accessory, like a hat or headband. Step out of your comfort zone! 
4.   Take a quick trip down memory lane — I’ll be looking through some old photo albums I haven’t touched in years :)
5.   Stick to a routine (or if you already don’t have one, make a one!)
6.   [SNAIL] Mail random just because cards to friends 
7.   Learn a new recipe  — and I should post about mine after I do it!
8.   Find a new favorite song/album/artist  — already found mine :)
9.   Don’t forget about Fat Tuesday (Feb. 17th) CELEBRATE!!
10. Mark your calendars for Ash Wednesday (Feb. 18th)! Lent is almost upon us!
11. Watch a romantic comedy with your girlfriends/guy-friends/whoever the heck you want to!
12. Try out a new bottle of wine — and if it’s good, buy a bottle for a friend or like in my case, your parents!
13. Print out a picture and actually frame it!  — seriously when is the last time you did this?
14. Break from work and take a 10 minute walk
15. Take more pictures with friends — I forget to do this ALL of the time
16. Keep up with your planner/agenda/calendar
Re-purpose something — and then share the idea with friends
18. Research an influential person in history
Start watching a new show, but resist the temptation to binge-watch it on Netflix  — the struggle is real.
20. Find a quote that means something to you, write it on a card and keep in your wallet — see mine below!!

Dolly Parton

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