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Triple Chocolate Cake Goodness

I’ve made two cakes, the past two weeks for work. One for a birthday and one was a just because cake of sorts. As I grow older, away from childhood and towards, well who knows, I figured it was about time to get in touch with my Betty Crocker side. I have always loved to cook. But baking gives me serious anxiety. I question just about every step of the process, because in general when I cook it’s a very organic process that is capable of adapting to the many times I forget an ingredient or a skip ahead in the order of things-to-do. Baking is such a science, and besides animal science, I wasn’t an A student in that field of study.

Nonetheless, I put on my imaginary apron and got to baking. Although I need to and want to be very upfront and honest, this is not my recipe and I don’t even know if it can be counted as homemade even though it was indeed crafted in my house. A boxed-cake mix may or may not be involved, as well as an instant pudding mix. But this truly was too yummy of a cake to not bring this recipe to your attention. Also in forgetful ways, I may have the amount of water in this recipe off, so be warned.

Triple Chocolate Cake Goodness

Triple Chocolate Cake Goodness*** if you live near a HEB, go there, buy a box of HCF Devil’s Food cake mix, and you will find the recipe on the back.

Ingredients & Step-By-Step:

Ok to start, go ahead and preheat your oven to 350°F. Also double-check to make sure you have removed all of your pans from your oven. I made the mistake of accidentally leaving one of my cast iron skillets in there while the cake was baking. Whoops. No wonder why it was still almost completely batter after being in the oven for an hour.

Now, mix 1 box of Devil’s Food cake mix (make sure the cake mix you buy doesn’t already have a pudding mix in it), 1 (3.9OZ) box of Instant Chocolate Pudding (NOT THE LOW-FAT BOX), 4 eggs, 1 (8OZ) container of sour cream (again, I would stay away from low-fat), 1/4 cup of vegetable oil, and 2/3 – 3/4 cup of water. Like I said earlier, I can’t remember and I can’t find on the world-wide-web the exact amount of water it called for but I would start with 2/3 cup and add more if the batter looks way too thick. After you have mixed this thoroughly for 2 minutes, add chocolate chips and stir to combine.

This batter is going to be a little on the thick side, just a heads-up. Grease your favorite Bundt pan. Spoon batter into pan. Bake for 1 hour. Yep it’s a long time, but if you haven’t noticed this is one heck of a moist cake! Once the cake has been in for an hour, remove and let sit in the pan for another 20 minutes before you turn it out. I suggest when you do flip it over to release it from the pan, gently jiggle the pan back and forth so that the cake comes out easily.

I let it rest overnight so I could take it to work the next day. That morning I quickly sifted some powdered sugar over the top to dress it up then I was out the door to work. Needless to say, after baking two cakes in two weeks I think I’m moving up the list for favorite co-worker ha!

This is too simple of a recipe not to try! Maybe one day, I’ll get adventurous and make a cake completely from scratch. Maybe.

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