Beauty, Beauty On the Wall


Juxtaposition is precisely how to describe my life sometimes. Here, on Tuesday, I posted how dearly I love taking pictures of cattle and being out in the wide open spaces, and then below, you’ll find my most recent pictures of the concrete jungle that surrounds me from 8-5. Ok, concrete jungle is quite the overstatement. Actually my view is quite beautiful most days out of the year.

Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with my photography habit. Not that I don’t love taking pictures, it has just, lately, it’s felt like there is no time. But time shall be made!

Luckily for me, I have a co-worker, Susan E., that is a fellow photography enthusiast that keeps me going. That is until she retires at the end of this month! After that, I guess I’ll just have myself to keep me accountable!

But anyways, she’s a super talented photographer with a completely different point-of-view than me. We go on photography outings occasionally at lunch, take pictures of the same things; however, our pictures never come out looking the same. That’s what makes it so darn fun!

This past Friday she led me to a part of downtown I had never been before and we both got some pretty neat shots.

Enjoy! And find the time to check out her pictures on Flickr and our past adventures downtown!

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