@ the Moment: Playlist Update


Back in February, I did my first musical-related post in quite sometime. I concluded that post with one of my Spotify playlists called “@ the Moment”. I keep this playlist towards the top of my list of playlists. More often than not, it’s where I throw new songs that I really have been loving, old songs that I hadn’t heard in a long time but need more of in my life and then random ones I stumble across while browsing through Spotify that I can’t imagine my day without! It’s an ever evolving playlist so if you follow it on Spotify or are looking at this post months after April 15th, don’t be alarmed when the embedded playlist doesn’t match my list. But that’s why I have linked each one of these songs to a YouTube video or that particular song on Spotify.

But anyhow at the beginning of this year, the radio could do no wrong! It was playing new and old music that made me happy and it suited me just fine. Then here lately it’s been all wrong and it’s timing couldn’t be worse. So I have turned to talk radio during most of my drive to and from work. Since moving to the San Antonio area, I have found there are so many sports-talk radio options. There’s the local station (760 AM), the ESPN affiliate (1250 AM), and the CBS Sports affiliate (860 AM).

I can usually bounce back and forth between these shows in the morning and get to work just fine. But the afternoon is a different story. Therefore, I find myself switching over to Audible and listening to one of the books I have going or my trusty Spotify app.

However, no need to worry about how using an app like this would affect my driving. For this exact reason, I keep this playlist between 10-20 songs. Just enough to get me home without repeats and not too many songs to where I would want to skip over some. There is always some method to my madness! Anyhow, before I head down the nine flights of my parking garage, I sync up my Bluetooth, press play, then throw my phone in my purse. San Antonio has a new law that prohibits any sort of phone use while driving and I definitely don’t need a ticket!

So here goes another @ the Moment playlist:

The first two songs  just make me so darn happy! I can’t help but dance to them. It doesn’t matter if I’m getting ready in the morning, in my car or at my desk at work, I’m always moving and shaking when these two come on. Then you’ve got a random Rihanna song that for some reason I’m just addicted to. I’ve had that one on replay more than once.

Then the Max Stalling and JB and the Moonshine Band songs hit deep and yeah I sit back and chill to them. The two religious songs that are right in the middle of this playlist are special most definitely. They’ll Know We Are Christians has always been one of my favorites hymns we sing in church, especially when we sing it without instruments. Hearing the whole church boom with these lyrics covers me with goosebumps. And wow, Better Than a Hallelujah. What an amazing song. I heard it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. One of my good friends from high school that has the most angelic voice sang it and I was holding back the tears. Then today I watched the music video and I couldn’t hold the tears back.

And then my playlist takes a different turn and finds itself gearing up for my trip to College Station this week! There is the Aggie War Hymn, because seriously what kind of road trip to Aggieland would it be without this?!?!  And the rest of it is good ole Texas Country music that makes me nostalgic about all the fun that was had in the streets of College Station!

So please feel free to follow my Spotify playlist or just enjoy the links I have provided. Either way, you’re in for a ride of sorts! Happy Wednesday folks!!

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