Twelve Things Tuesday: 04/21/2015

SA Rough Riders
  1. For the 2nd week in a row, something A&M will lead this list. Rightfully so, as Aggie Muster Is one of the Aggie traditions I am most proud of. A few times a year, whether it be in church, with my family or just a random moment, I am overwhelmed with emotions for one reason or another, for good and bad alike. But year after year, ever since the first Muster I ever attended in 2009, I can count on being overcome by a sense of pride, comradeship, sorrow, joy and many other emotions on April 21st.”If there is an A&M man in 100 miles of you, you are expected to get together, eat a little, & live over the days you spent at the A&M College of Texas.”Aggie Muster is in a round about way, what it means to be an Aggie.  ” A&M has a special way of putting you in your place…You truly become a part of something bigger than yourself and realize the dependence each one of us has one another,” said former Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates  as he read a letter from a former student who was had been serving in Kuwait, at the 2009 Aggie Muster at Reed Arena, College Station, Texas.
  2. Alrighty, now if you watched the video, you should probably be a little teary-eyed, so we’re going to stay on the sentimental note! Mother’s day is  coming up and Pandora rolled out their commercial to go along with the holiday. I couldn’t help but again get a little emotional thinking about my mom and how grateful I am on a daily basis to have such a wonderful, loving person in my life that would give just about anything for the happiness of her four girls.
  3. [spotify id=”spotify:album:0fEg7eJ2ev0c0UOztpxBra” width=”300″ height=”300″/]

    Ok, now from here on out, things will be happier! This week I believe Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen are releasing their collaborative CD titled “Hold My Beer”.  And it’s already on Spotify in its entirety, how exciting! Soon I will be posting a review of this album, but in short, it is dance hall country at its finest. If I close my eyes and listen to the music, I feel like I’m back in College Station with my buddies tearing up the dance floor having one hell of a time! And if you’re like me and a digital copy just isn’t enough, they have them for sale on Amazon for $10 what a steal!!

  4. As I included in the list last week, the new city league softball season has begun and we, the Rough Riders, are pretty legit yet again.
    SA Rough RidersAfter three games we are 3-0 and last night’s 9:30 was a blast. We actually got to test ourselves against some fierce competitors and held on for the 13-8 win. Here is a little blurb from last week’s league newsletter, had to share because it was so funny! Can’t wait to see what they write about this week.

     Kicking it off in the Social Division, The Beerlot comes into this season looking to repeat as champs as they finally got over the hump last season by winning their first championship. Having now moved up into the Social division, things will be a little more challenging for them and they received a rude awakening in Week 1 from SA Rough Riders. These Rough Riders showed not only The Beerlot, but the rest of the league that they mean business this season. They easily dispatched The Beerlot and Dream Killers to sweep the double-header. While it was just the first week of the season, SA Rough Riders definitely made a bold statement.

  5. FaithQuote of the Week: “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” — Sonia Ricotti
    Thought this was not only catchy but also another take on the ever-loved Serenity Prayer.
  6. This week I found a new photography inspiration: Kate T. Parker. Some of her work was featured on BuzzFeed, thus how I discovered her.
  7. Speaking of photography, I updated my Flickr page with some of my recent work. Also deleted a whole bunch of photos! As always, find me on social media outlets as @alyxsheerheart
  8. What Books I Have Opened: Well just recently I finished Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. It was a pretty excellent book to listen to, especially since he narrates the audiobook as well. However, beware of vulgar language and lots of talk about the world of drugs! Also I am three and a half hours away from finishing The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. It is by far one of the strangest books I have ever read. I’ve learned so much in the first twelve hours of listening to this book; however with only a handful of hours left, I have no idea where it’s going! But again beware this book covers a broad variety of very mature subjects! Looking forward to how this book finishes.
  9. Need a Laugh?
  10. Favorite App: MyRadar …. yeah I’ve gotten to that point in my life where there is something extremely satisfying about being able to rely on a good weather app. And this one is the best I’ve ever used! It definitely came in handy on my trip to College Station this past weekend!
  11. NAIL POLISH IS SO AWESOME! I have actually had the same nail polish on for the last 3 days! That is some sort of record for me. I would have included a picture but it’s entirely too late to be doing that. Here let’s compromise, I’ll post a pic tomorrow on Instagram! Anyhow Zoya’s polish in Tanzy is outrageously fun and obviously a good formula if even I haven’t been able to find a way to peel it off!
  12. And with this last one, we’re ending on a downer. On last week’s post, I mentioned how much I love candles at the moment. Like really love them! I have purchased several from Bath & Body Works in the last few months. But I just wanted to report that last week I jumped the gun when I recommended one of the scents. It smelled oh so good in the store and sniffing it out of the jar! However, I have had it lit for the last hour and a half and can’t smell a thing from it. No I’m not sick. I guess I could have bought a dud, but jeez I was really looking forward to this one! So buyer beware of Bath & Body Works Bow Ties & Bourbon 3-Wick Candles.

Well that’s going to wrap up this list at the moment. Updates may come in the morning when I look this over for a second time! Good night all :)

If you are interested, here are more links regarding Aggie Muster. There were just too many to link above!

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