Twelve Things Tuesday: 05/12/2015

Mom & Her Girls

So two days down, three more to go! Last weekend went by way, way too fast so this week has been a drag thus far. But I am extremely happy to get this done and posted on the right day! Let’s get this started!!

ONE GraduationTODAY, marks 3 years since I graduated from my beloved university! Seriously, how in the world is it possible to have time feel like it has flown by, yet at the same time, college feels like yesterday. There are so many things I dearly miss about A&M and College Station in general, but the opportunities I have been granted because I attended such a fantastic university have set the stage for an absolutely wonderful future. I’ll never forget how happy I was on May 12, 2012, seeing my mom and dad, sisters, Granny, Grandpa and Grandma, and even my Aunt Janet and Uncle Terry and cousin Tyler all there for me. It’s this support system, I call my family that keeps me going through it all.

TWO Mother’s day has come and gone. It began with a little drama, later explained, but ended with my family plus Grandma and Grandpa crowded around our kitchen table, eating my mom’s homemade meatballs, rice and gravy, as well as banana pudding, and talking about just about everything under the sun! Sunday suppers at Mom and Dad’s are pretty darn special. Not only is my mother a superb cook, but my whole family is about as entertaining as one could hope. Often times, I remember the laughter more than what initially made us laugh.

Mom & Her Girls

THREE This time of year is especially special for my Grandma Tschirhart. Her birthday is May 11th. And this year, she turned the big 8-0! She still looks far younger than her years though, and I bet she can wear heels for a longer period of time than you! She’s always been that spunky person in my life that at times pushes me to the brink, but then she gives her signature smirk and squints her eyes a bit. She definitely is a character. But character doesn’t even begin to illustrate the type of lady she is. Most of my friends back home, can’t wait to tell me their encounter with my grandma. Usually it is because they have been in a wedding, she’s the wedding coordinator at the Catholic church in town, or they have seen her working at the voting polls or someone’s sporting events. It’s always a story though! Last year, I blogged about the time I volunteered…more like walked into their kitchen one morning to say hi and was instantly drafted…to help her make some potato salad.

Short version, she’s one hell of a lady. Our family is pretty loveable, but sometimes we are all a lot to put up with and handle. But she takes it in stride, almost always with a little smirk on her face! I also must credit and award her with the first ever’s Most Active Follower award for my. She pretty much blows everyone out of the water with her number of comments. Every time I get a notification she has commented on my blog or has liked/commented on Facebook, it makes me so happy that yet again my support comes from others besides just my mom and dad!

FOUR My favorite app this week is an oldie, but a goodie! Aviary is such a neat app to edit your pictures with. It includes all the cool filters like on Instagram but offers so much more! I actually blogged about it awhile back. But with all of my iPhone problems I deleted it to make space for more photos, music, etc. Now that I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, not that I’m uber thrilled with this phone either, but I have more space so I downloaded it again. They have made a ton of improvements to what I already thought was a fabulous app. So go out and download it; it’s free!

FIVE Earlier in this post, I referenced drama that began early Sunday/Mother’s day morning. Well that drama would have quills all over it! PorcupineThat’s right, we had a porcupine on the place. Unfortunately one of our pups got up close and personal with the beast and had to be taken to the vet after church. Not really the way I had planned to spend most of my Sunday but it turned out to be a pretty solid 4 hours I got to spend with Dad and Kymber, which most always means a pretty funny, comical time. And because my family is sometimes weirdly curious, we watched some random YouTube videos about porcupines that you should probably check out.

YIKES! Quilled by a Porcupine
Leopard battles with Porcupine at Kruger National Park 

SIX Something to think about this week: “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.”The Happiest People by Matthew Taylor WilsonSEVEN Update on how “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks is going. Wow, it’s a surprisingly fantastic book. It goes back and forth in narration between an older man and a girl about my age. Their lives haven’t overlapped any at all yet but I’m sure they will by the end. Seriously though, this has been such an easy, addicting sort of read. Just about every time I’ve been in the car for over 15 minutes, I’ve fired up my Audible app to listen to this book. If you enjoy a good chick flick, you should probably check this book out. And honestly, this may be one of my favorite performances on Audible. At times some of the narrators are distracting. But the two that narrate this story fit the story so perfectly and really spark my imagination. I know that there is a movie out based on this novel, but I don’t know if I ever want to see it. I have it already illustrated in my mind in my way. Do I really want to ruin that by seeing the movie? Let me know if you have seen it or not and if I should shell out $15 at the theater to check it out! In the end, “The Longest Ride” isn’t the type of book I usually gravitate toward. If you’ve read any of my past posts, I usually stick to westerns or random books I find on sale or on some recommended reading list, but this has been an entertaining read. Although it’s been one that has probably filled my head with some unrealistic ideas about love, romance, education and life in general but hey all for the love of a good book!
If you are interested in trying out Audible follow this link and get two books for free –>> Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

EIGHT A couple of weeks ago, I brought you a pretty corny little joke about life without cows. Well I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you another cattle-related joke!

decalfinatedNINE Whoohoo more new music!! Yesterday I saw on Facebook that Jamie Lin Wilson is coming out with another CD, Holidays & Wedding Rings, May 19th, but you can check it out on Sound Cloud. She has such bluesy, folk-like twang in her voice that really adds dimension to any song she sings. In a way, her voice would be similar to Bobbie Gentry’s overlayed with Kacey Musgraves, for a little more spunk. I’ve always been a fan of hers, beginning when I first listened to The Trishas, which she had been previously apart of.  As soon as I get the CD and give it a play a few days, I’ll be posting a review!

TEN Back in high school and for a couple of years in college, I was involved with an organization called Business Professionals of America (BPA). It is an organization that promotes the learning and practice of business skills to use in students’ future professional lives. My involvement in this organization has helped me in the real world probably more so than any other activity I was involved with in high school. I participated in both Spreadsheet Applications and Financial Analyst Team my junior and senior years, becoming a state officer for Texas my senior year then later on the Board of Directors for two years. This organization provides opportunities on such a level that no other competition/activity can compare with. A complete list of competitive events can be found here. You’ll be overwhelmed at the wide variety and range in topic and difficulty.

And I am beyond proud of my sisters and cousin who participated in BPA this year. Both my sisters and my cousin traveled to Dallas where they competed at the State level in their events after qualifying at the Regional event. Taylor, my cousin, then qualified for Nationals in Anaheim, California, competing in Fundamental Word Processing. There she placed 13th out of 76 participants in that event alone! So proud of her and can’t wait to see how all of them do next year!

ELEVEN Thank the Lord for the recent rains. It has been a long, long time since we have seen such number of inches to begin the year. In fact, we’ve had more rainy, overcast days versus hot, sunny days in the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t rained a substantial amount in the last week at my house, but the grass is green, the weeds are growing and the creek isn’t dry! Some reports may have jumped the gun a bit saying the drought is over, but according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 40.32 percent of the state is still in some sort of level of drought. However, that has drastically decreased from only a year ago when 94.89 percent of the state was under drought conditions of any level. Even with above-average rains so far this year, Medina Lake is still only 4.5 percent full, according to a recent article by the San Antonio Express News.

The map on the left is from May 6, 2014, while the one to the right is from last Monday. What a difference a little rain can do!

Drought Conditions

Drought Conditions

TWELVE I invite you all to check out my Flickr page. I’m trying my best to clean it up a bit and only put pictures on it that I am most proud of. Stayed tuned for more to go up!

Well there you go, that’s your twelve random ramblings for the week via yours truly! Happy Tuesday!


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