The Thunder Rolls

Rainbow Over Wheat

Day after day, it seems, rain and thunder storms are in the forecast. And I am not complaining! As I highlighted on Tuesday, we are so close to being completely out of a drought that has lasted over four years. So needless to say, rain several weeks in a row is a welcome sight no matter how many plans it changes and how many times I have to wash muddy jeans!

Yesterday we ended the day with 1″ in the gauge and today it has played around for a bit but as I sit here working on this post at 10:30 tonight, the thunder sounds more and more like it means business.

On my way home this afternoon, I noticed a rainbow so I took a few pictures with my phone, planning to post them to Instagram later on. But then, to my luck, I remembered I had my camera in the car! So as soon as I got on our gravel road I hopped out and took a handful of pictures. I wouldn’t be as lucky with my footwear, however, as I was with my camera. So if you can imagine, I was trudging around in my heels back and forth on the gravel road trying to get the perfect shot. Thank goodness no one drove by!Rainbow Over Corn

Rainbow Over WheatAnd then after these pictures I just got into a little picture taking mood, driving around with the windows down and Texas country turned up to the max. And, boy, do I love some of these pictures! Hopefully I can continue to take advantage of these beautiful scenes God has given me and fill up my empty picture frames!

P.S. my Flickr page has been updated with even more!


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