Twelve Things Tuesday: 05/19/2015

May 2015 Rainfall

And just like that we are only 12 days away from June and the middle of 2015!

ONE Aggie Baseball finished up its regular season, going 43-10! What a fantastic year. But now on to the hard part. Tomorrow they kick off the SEC Tournament, playing Alabama. The conference tournament will wrap up this Sunday, May 24th, hopefully with an Aggie SEC Tournament Championship! Gig’Em Aggies!

TWO Just about all day on Sunday, I flipped back-and-forth between all of my ESPN channels trying to catch some good softball games. So on Monday morning when I saw this story and video, it seemed only appropriate for me to share with you as well.

Apparently, at the regional tournament at Louisiana Lafayette, fans were told that The National Anthem would not be played due to earlier weather delays. Watch the video to see how the fans reacted to this news!

THREE It sure has been raining these last couple of months. I couldn’t be happier, but the rain does tend to shake things up. How could you not laugh when watching what happened during a rain delay between Clemson and Davidson four years ago.

FOUR And while we’re on the subject, it’s been raining a heck of a lot! And I have absolutely been enjoying it like I’ve said countless times here lately. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve been blessed with such good rains as I touched on briefly in last week’s post. Yesterday, I happened across this picture showing the amount of rainfall for this month alone and wow!!

May 2015 Rainfall

FIVE Time to update you on my what I’ve been reading! Yesterday, I completed “The Longest Ride” and it did not disappoint. This was a very easy, quick read. Definitely a chick-flick sort of novel but at the same time it was wildly satisfying. I found the ending to be predictable and unpredictable all at the same time and to an extent I think that is what makes Nicholas Sparks such a successful writer.

Elon MuskUp next, which I have already begun, is “Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future“. Definitely outside of my normal range, but one that after reading the first chapter find intriguing at this point. Hopefully it doesn’t find a way to lose my interest later on. I’ll keep you posted, and if all else fails, I do have a western downloaded and ready!

SIX Speaking of reading! Summer is just around the corner. Don’t you remember all of those summer reading lists you were assigned? They were such a drag. I would always wait until the very last-minute to read the book and put as little effort as needed into the assignments.

But now, in a way, I wish I had a list someone gave me of books I should/have to read. So it got me curious and I began googling. I found a couple lists to go though (Amazon’s, San Francisco’s Public Library’s, Upworthy’s). And after looking through these, I’ve put together a little list of my own:

What’s on your summer reading list? Share in the comments section! I’d love to get more ideas.

SEVEN Does curiosity about something random ever overwhelm you? Earlier this morning on my drive to work, I was listening to sports talk. The subject was on baseball and it somehow got me thinking about how baseball bats were made. So do you know what I did when I had a free moment this morning? I went on YouTube and searched “how baseball bats are made“. Many things come up, but this happened to be one that was more recent. Very interesting. More video watching will be done!

EIGHT Rainbow Over CornIn case you missed my post last week, I happened across a little rainbow action on my way home and had my camera handy!

NINE Well for some reason lately, I found myself in quite the baking mood, but I just can’t decide what I want to bake. I think I have narrowed it down to cookies. What kind should I make then post about next week? Do you have any good recipes? Don’t worry though, if no one shares a recipe with me, I’ll call up my Aunt Diane and pick one of her classics that she is known for!

TEN QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” – Maya Angelou

Nothing Can Dim the Light

ELEVENMy baby sister is going to be 15 at the end of this week. How is that even possible?!?! Check out my post last year on her birthday!

TWELVE And to close out this list, I can think of few greater ways than with something regarding George Strait! In case you missed it, yesterday was George Strait’s birthday! 63 years old and still turning out the #1s. So in honor of him, I wanted to share with you my ALL-TIME FAVORITE GEORGE STRAIT SONG. Seriously y’all, I remember after getting this CD in 1995, laying on the living room floor listening to it on the stereo we had. Talk about a long time ago! I still have that particular CD and can’t believe after all of these years, it still plays good!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s going to be one hell of a week!


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