Twelve Things Tuesday: 06/02/2015

Cat Earrings

First off, I’m cheating, it’s Wednesday morning and I am posting this but hey, it’s all good. Happy Wednesday people!

Whoa it’s June, folks! May pretty much disappeared faster than you could shake a leg. But it was a pretty darn good month. Sh!t got done in the month of May. And we closed out the month with the landscaping of my yard! Can’t wait for it to start growing!

Ok now to the list:

ONE Aggies win. AGGIES win. AGGIES WIN!!!!!!!! We’re headed to Super Regionals in Fort Worth next weekend. As fun as these games were to watch, I wouldn’t be mad if we skated through this tournament! Ha but a win’s a win!

TWO It’s the same blog, just a new look.

THREE List Challenges. Yesterday morning Mike Taylor, from Ticket 760, was talking about this list from Rolling Stones of the best albums of all time. It was pretty interesting to listen to as he went through the Top 10, but surprise, surprise I hadn’t really ever listened to most of the albums on the list. But when i went to find the list, I found the site to be pretty cool. It may have inspired some upcoming posts!

FOUR Of course I found on that site a couple of reading lists that look pretty interesting. Although, they did make me feel slightly overwhelmed when I realized how much more I need to read! Anyhow, I’m still working on the biography of Elon Musk, which I covered in my post two weeks ago. Halfway through ad this book is a seriously interesting, brainy read. I feel smarter in a way for reading it; however warning, you will also feel like you’re doing nothing with your life in comparison.

Medina Lake 2015

Medina Lake in February 2015

FIVE Switching to a completely different subject, how about this weather? In the month of May we ended up having a record-breaking month of rainfall, and Medina Lake has reaped the benefits! Watching the news this morning they said that the lake was over 50% full, not sure the exact number. Simply amazing though. It was at 4% full only a month ago!
SIX Now on to the SA Rough Riders. A couple of weeks back, ok longer than a couple of weeks, I posted about my fantastic softball team. Last night we took home the championship, again. After beating Dream Killers, 13-4, we won a close game against The Beerlot. After being down 1-6 after two innings of play we came back to win 8-6 and take home the top prize again!!! Cue “We are the Champions” please.

SA Rough Riders

SEVEN Cat EarringsSo y’all, I have a favorite pair of earrings….yeah they are so random, and sort of weird, but I love them so much! I got them from Versona for only $5.99. It is unfortunate that I can’t find them online to share with all of you though. But I can highly recommend Versona!

EIGHT NATIONAL DONUT DAY is June 5th. Let that sink in, then immediately mark your calendar. If you’re from Medina County, you can put good money on where I will be Friday morning :)

NINE What’s one of the best meals to eat ever? This is an easy one: steak. Steak just about anyway is delicious, but I think I have just about mastered the art of steak cooked indoors. I learned it from watching so many episodes of Good Eats with Alton Brown. It’s a really cool show to watch since it combines both cooking and the science of cooking into one show. Watch this clip to learn how I cooked my steak!

TEN Favorite wine of the moment is an oldie. It’s one that I had tried out from HEB a year or so ago and fell in love with. It’s called Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo. If you’ve never tried a tempranillo, you’re going to want to go out and try one. This one in particular has a big yellow label and was less than $9!!!

ELEVEN  Summer is the best time of year for new music. As much as I love putting playlists together, I have had some luck finding great playlists on Spotify. Lately, I have been listening to Country Coffeehouse nonstop. It’s got a bunch of artists and songs I have never heard of and it’s been the perfect thing to turn on in the mornings when I am getting ready or when I’m on a roll at work.

[spotify id=”spotify:user:spotify:playlist:74lsbDpc3vMNHHwD0w07ke” width=”300″ height=”300″/]

TWELVE Don’t ask me how, but I stumbled across this really cool site full of daily advice. You could spend hours going through all of these. Don’t do that. Spend a couple of minutes here and there when you need a pick-me-up, and you should notice you’re motivation and productivity increase. Note the word, should. Not my fault if you’re being difficult!



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