Twelve Things Tuesday: 06/09/2015

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Happy, happy Tuesday! Last week I was convinced it would be a long week after coming off of a wonderfully productive weekend at home with the family. However, it felt like right after I posted, it was Friday before I knew it! Earlier today I posted a May Favorites post of sorts. Since everyone is doing them these days, I figured I would participate as well!

But on to my weekly, for the most part, post:

Twelve Things Tuesday

ONE Oh Aggies. Why do I look so tired today? Maybe it had something to do with staying up well past 1 AM last night watching my Aggies play 16 innings of tough baseball only to lose 4-5 versus tcu. It was a tough series, especially after finishing so strong in Regionals. However, it takes little away from the accomplishments of the Aggies this season. It really has been a great one to watch. Hopefully we can build on this and have an even more successful 2016.

TWOThe Home T As proud as I am on being a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, I’m just about as proud to be from Texas. So much so that in the past I have purchased shirts with the outline of my beloved state on them. These are some of the softest shirts I have ever owned and I get countless compliments from girls and guys alike. Highly recommend purchasing one from The Home T in your life time. And it doesn’t hurt that a portion of their profits is donated to multiple sclerosis research!

THREE Sticking with that Texas theme, you like Shiner beer right? It’s a pretty darn delicious beer that is consistently at most bars, restaurants, HEBs and convenient stores near me.  And now after seeing their new commercials on YouTube, I think I need to go buy a 6-pack after work tomorrow!

FOUR OK, one more Texas thing.Traces of Texas If you find historical things interesting specifically regarding the state of Texas, you should “Like” Traces of Texas on Facebook. Multiple times a day, they post pictures and details regarding different happenings in the past. Like this one (click the picture for the details).

FIVE Like I posted last week, Friday was National Doughnut Day! So yes I treated myself to Haby’s :) But anyhow did you know that there are countless sites and apps to keep you well-informed on all of the National _____ Days of the Year?

Yes these are pretty silly most of the time, but amusing things are good to look at sometimes! I took the liberty of providing you with a few you may want that fall during this week:
June 8th   — National Best Friend’s Day
June 9th   — National Donald Duck Day
June 10th — National Black Cow Day
June 11th — National Corn on the Cob Day
June 12th — National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
June 13th — National Weed Your Garden Day
June 14th — National Bourbon Day

SIX On to slightly more important things. I finally finished the biography of Elon Musk that I have been working on for the past few weeks. To be completely honest, it seemed like it was going to be a tough read at first and I was worried that most of the stuff may be over my head, however, I was pleasantly surprised. By the end of it not only did I thoroughly enjoy it, I also was able to retain and regurgitate the information in conversation. Now on to the next challenge: “Twenty Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne.

SEVEN Something that I find also interesting has to do with the kitchen. This past weekend I was able to catch an episode of America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. I have missed watching this show so much! This time I remembered to set the DVR to record future episodes but it reminded me how this show along with Good Eats gets me thinking differently and using new approaches when I cook. Before I started watching these shows, I relied heavily on Mom, Granny, Aunt Diane and whoever else I was getting recipes from to give me confidence when making a recipe. I still do this to a large extent, however, now once I have the recipe from someone, I am less inclined to want to call at ever step to get reassurance I am doing it right. On these particular shows, in my opinion, they are teaching your technique more so than particular recipes.

EIGHT Jurassic World hits theaters this Friday! Not really sure how old I was when I first watched Jurassic Park, but I remember watching it with Mom, Dad and Sydney. It was kind of like the times when we would watch X-Files with them. This was back when we had a console tv with no capabilities to pause. Therefore, when they knew a bad part would be coming they would tell us to close our eyes or we would run to the hallway. Looking back I’m sure that was part of the fun! Jurassic WorldBut anyhow I’ll be curious to see how technological advances in the film making community will affect the watching experience. So far on IMDb, it has a pretty good rating so I remain hopeful this will be worth the $20 I spend at the theater!

However there is at least one person concerned with a major flaw in Jurassic World. Click here for more on this.

NINE Looks like I need to invest in a grill. Bloomin' OnionIt’s summertime and there are recipes everywhere. Here are a few that sparked my interest:

TEN Crop Top on CatHave you noticed girls/women lately are really embracing the idea of crop tops? Personally I’m not a fan nor do I think I could pull them off, but you do you girl.
However, a mom from Houston seems to share my sentiments and I find it absolutely hilarious! Click here .for more on this!

ELEVEN Live music is awesome for the most part. Beginning in college, going to Texas Country music concerts or variations of the genre became a regular occurrence. Sometimes they were big names at the time, while the other times there could have only been a handful of people at the show. Fun is always to be had though. And summertime seems to bring out the best in these shows and the venues. During the summer, The County Line BBQ off of I-10 has a FREE Music Series! Yep that’s right. FREE. Here’s their schedule. Definitely going to try to make a couple of shows during the summer. Went to the Tejas Brothers last month there and had a great time!

Also a venue with a great music line up is Cora’s out in between Castroville and Rio Medina. Here’s their lineup. Again mostly the shows are no cover except for a handful. Make sure to keep up with them on Facebook as this is one of the most fun, laid back places to listen to good music in the area!

TWELVE It’s learning time! Recently, I have been googling how to do things a lot, when all of a sudden I remember using a website in college to watch tutorials. After digging back a couple of years in my brain, I finally remembered it was This site has video training on a good number of general topics as well as countless programs. Anyhow, I thought it would be a good idea to start up on the free trial, and go ahead and cancel any of my pointless other subscriptions so I could continue with a monthly subscription to the site. It’s $24 from month to month. We’ll see how the trial goes and I’ll report to y’all next Tuesday whether or not I think it may be worth the money!

Well I can’t believe it but I’m getting this posted well before dark on a Tuesday!
Hope everyone has had a splendid day and can’t wait to get more content on here for y’all to enjoy! As always comment if you want to hear more about something or have an idea for me!

Good evening and nighty, night!


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