Twelve Things Tuesday: 06/16/2015

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Twelve Things Tuesday

ONE 81 DAYS. 81 DAYS. 81 DAYS until Aggie football starts up again. I have plenty of things to enjoy and keep me busy this summer, but really and truly can’t wait for this coming season.

TWO BiscuitsIf you asked me which recipes I have made the most in my life, I’d have to say #1 vanilla ice cream and then #2 would have something related to breakfast, either egg bread (aka French toast), chorizo potato and egg tacos, or biscuits. Well this past Saturday, I went ahead and walked you through how I make my biscuits. Super easy recipe that will surely compliment your favorite gravy or jam! This coming Saturday, I’ll be sharing with you how I make my favorite tacos :)

THREE If you live around Texas, you are most likely familiar with the brand Blue Bell. It’s a brand of ice cream that is highly coveted in this state because it is so darn awesome. I would buy more if I didn’t own my ice cream maker and if it was a little cheaper, but anyways not the point. Retailers have been out of stock due to an “outbreak” of Listeria caused by a batch/batches of Blue Bell ice cream. We’ve already gone months without our beloved ice cream and it has really begun to affect some of us. We know how you feel buddy.

FOUR Mowing the lawn can be so much work sometimes! When we used to live in the trailer parks up in College Station, if you didn’t mow before your grass got “too long”, they’d charge you $35 to mow your grass. And you better go all the way to the edge of your lot too, otherwise they’d get you for $10 just to edge it with a weed-eater. Goodness gracious!

mow lawn boysHowever, this goes above and beyond ridiculous. Yesterday I happened across this story, where a group of brothers banded together to mow a 75-year-old woman’s yard so that she would be arrested. First off, arrested for not mowing your grass?!?!?! What kind of country do we live in? As annoyed as I was about being charged $35, I was an able-bodied person who could have mowed, but just chose not to. Mrs. Suttle is 75. How can anyone expect her to mow on a regular basis? And I’m sure she won’t mind paying those boys a couple of dollars and a soda to continue manicuring her lawn! Good job boys!

FIVE Oh my loyalty continues for Audible. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they came out with a sale in which you get two books for one credit! Of course it’s a slightly limited list of books available. However, I found two that I am pretty excited about: Any Other Name: Walt Longmire, Book 10 and Everybody Writes. Don’t know when I’ll get around to them now that I have started Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, but I’ll get to them one of these days.

SIX Last week I came across this blog post, “Confessions of a Cattle Instagram Junkie“, on Facebook and just had to share. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d see that I too am a “cattle instagram junkie”. Seriously, go look at my instagram! If you’d like to follow the author of the post, her instagram is @baileyrist.

SEVEN Free stuff is always awesome! This website is a great place to find different design freebies that will take your work to the next level! Just a remind, however, make sure you check the license material to see when you can and can’t use these!

EIGHT Last week I went ahead and posted my @ the Moment playlist for June. Well, well, well, as usual, I end up falling in love with another band just as I finish up my playlist. So I wanted to give a little shout about how awesome Goodnight, Texas is, and I can’t wait to include them on my next playlist!

NINE On that same note, I have been going to some pretty great shows lately! Bleu Edmondson earlier in the month, Adam Hood last week, and now American Aquarium this Sunday! Summer really is a great time for music. Not to mention all of the CDs being released. Hopefully, I can pump out a few reviews on these soon!

TEN This past weekend was phenomenal at the Frio! Sometimes it just takes a couple of hours without your phone, a beer in your hand, and in the company of good people to really get you in to a good groove! Sure enough, as always, the Frio River got me into the kind of mood I needed to coast into another work week. It’s my hope to hit up the Frio a total of five times before the end of August. This may be a lofty goal, but I think I’m up for it ;)

ELEVEN So I want to almost leave you with something pretty darn funny. Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell are going to be starring in a Lifetime movie. According to the description on their YouTube trailer, it’s based on a true story, but with Wiig and Ferrell as the characters it may be hard to take them serious. Tune in on June 20th to see if they take this serious or if it’s just another parody movie! Either way, you can’t go wrong with a random Lifetime movie!

TWELVE paint partyRounding out this list for the today, is a little preview of a Paint Party I will be attending at Pinot’s Palette with the Young Aggies of San Antonio in conjunction with the Aggie Wives and Graduates group. It should be a great time. Sounds like we have a really good group going. Hopefully this is a little easier to paint than last time’s painting! Will update you tomorrow on how it went!

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