Dos Tacos, Por Favor

Breakfast Tacos

Last Saturday, as I made biscuits for breakfast, I realized just how much I love cooking breakfast. In general, breakfast is easy. BiscuitsYou can improvise on the fly. Need a quick breakfast? Scramble some eggs with salsa or maybe leftover meat and either serve with toast or throw inside of a tortilla. Biscuits may require a recipe of sorts, but it’s an easy one with minimal steps and ingredients. Egg bread (or French toast, as you non-Rihns call it) is literally bread coated in an egg wash and cooked in hot oil until golden-brown and delicious. Anyhow, by now I hope you get the idea, breakfast can and should be simple.

But as easy as it maybe, sometimes ideas and inspiration, so below you’ll see how I make my favorite tacos in the world: chorizo, potato and egg.

Growing up, Saturday morning breakfast at our house was the best. No matter what Mom and Dad made, it was most likely the best meal I ate that day! One of the best things my momma makes is tacos. I never knew how wonderful chorizo could be. Throughout college, these tacos were a staple. When we’d have company over, I’d make up a big batch so everyone would leave our house full and happy! Each and every time I make these for myself and others, I make them with love and a smile on my face!

Chorizo Potato and Egg Tacos

Breakfast TacosWhat you’ll need:

  • chorizo
  • eggs
  • potatoes
  • cheese
  • tortillas
  • hot sauce (optional)

Luckily these ingredients are pretty interchangeable in order to make different kinds of breakfast tacos. For this batch, I used a whole pound of chorizo. I was making a whole lot to last through the week’s breakfasts. These tacos are even good as leftovers!

Breakfast Tacos

For the potatoes, Canned PotatoesI love using canned potatoes. At some HEBs you can even find them already diced. But this is also where you could use leftover potatoes you may have used for supper the night or two before. Either way, you just want them to be cooked, sliced and diced.

And to the eggs, I use 2-3 eggs per person, depending on whether they are girls/guys, big-eaters/little-eaters.

Cheese, use your favorite. I tend to gravitate to whatever is on sale and usually some sort of Mexican cheese blend.

When it comes to the tortillas, sure you could use the pack that’s 99¢ for 20. Or you could go big and buy the tortillas from HEB’s Bake Shop. Recently, I have gone with the HEB Ready to Cook tortillas you can find by the canned biscuits. They are reasonably priced and will be sure to elevate your tacos to the next level!

Time to make the tacos.

Heat your skillet on a medium heat and cook your chorizo, or whatever meat you want, all the way through. Then add diced potatoes to the skillet. If you find your chorizo to be overly-greasy, you can take a paper towel and soak some of it up, but if it’s not too much, I just leave it. Most of it will be soaked up by the eggs and potatoes. Also, from brand to brand, the amount of grease varies. So if you find that the brand you used was too much, try a different brand next time. I used a brand from San Antonio this past time and was decently pleased with it.

While your potatoes are warming through, with a fork scramble eggs in a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of milk or water. Feel free to season eggs at this point, but honestly, the chorizo is already so flavorful, I don’t find it necessary.

Pour egg mixture over chorizo and potatoes. Let set for 10-15 seconds without stirring. Then after that stir every couple of seconds or so. This will scramble the eggs in smaller pieces. If you like big chunks of eggs, stir less often.

Once eggs are done cooking, but not to the point of being dry, remove from burner, top with cheese and cover. At this time or a little before this, get another pan heated through so you can warm up/cook your tortillas.

Afterwards, assemble tacos and enjoy. You may find enjoyable, topping your tacos with more cheese, hot sauce or salsa.

So go for it, try your hand at breakfast tacos!

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