One Fish, Two Fish


One fish.
Two fish.
No red fish.
But some blue-ish fish.

Ha there you go, some Dr. Seuss for you today! In general, that’s how our fishing excursion last Friday went. First off, I knew I was with the right guy, when he said we weren’t going out at the crack of dawn. Even though, I usually consider myself a morning person, leaving the house before the sun starts coming up is crazy talk to me.

Anyhow, after being out on the water for six hours or so, hard head were all we were having luck with and that’s not a good thing. But of course that didn’t take away too much from the fun.

Panoramic -- RockportNot really sure if we could have asked for a more beautiful day. With the weather in Texas being saturated at the moment, you never know when it’ll be sunny or pouring down. But to continue on with the pictures:

Pay close attention to the picture on the left. These are houses on this island near Port Aransas next to the lighthouse. How many dogs do you see in the picture? P.S. you can click on the picture to enlarge it!

This past weekend was simply a blast. Definitely can’t wait until the next trip down there. I’ll have to be brave and take my camera again, because you never know what you will see!

RockportAnd special thanks to my chauffeur :)
Oh and there were 3 dogs pictured above!


    • Wow Dad! Everyday is your day in my heart :) I promise I’ll spend a solid 72 hours with you straight in July :)

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