Things Tuesday: 07/14/2015

Grandpa's Girl -

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
The middle of July.

Yep, July 15th is right around the corner, a couple of hours from now! I would say where has the time gone, but I know the answer: work, play, Aggie things, family, sleep.

Things TuesdayONE My dear grandpa turned 82 yesterday!!! Even though I think almost daily about how much time has flown, it is accentuated when you look back on how much time has passed since various milestones.

It feels like yesterday that all 100+ family and friends gathered at our house to celebrate Grandpa’s 80th birthday. We’ve added so many great memories to our family in only these past two years, and look forward to adding even more. A quick search of this site will show you how much I care for my grandpa. He always has been and always will be one of my favorite people on earth. Among the things he has taught me, the most important that stand out:

  • how to make ice cream
  • always wear a hat or cap (…there’s a difference, just ask him) when you are working outside
  • how to close your eyes and follow when dancing. He dances much different from Dad, but it was a good lesson for the future when I would have lots of dance partners up in Aggieland!
  • how to sit around talking about nothing really, but enjoying each other’s company all the same
  • ways to serve my community. Between his involvement with the American Legion and church, his resume is pretty impressive.
  • how to play pitch. And I don’t mean pitch and catch, I mean the best darn card game in the world.
  • church is always a must
  • our family is special, because we treat it like such

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Some may be Daddy’s girl others are Mommy’s girl, and here I have always been Grandpa’s girl.

TWO On to something foreign, not a different country kind of foreign, try something out of this world; no really, I’m talking about Pluto. Back when I was a kid…… I have been waiting so long to use that phrase appropriately and I do believe now is the time to do so. Pluto14-15 years ago, I was in Mrs. Stearns’s 4th grade class learning about the solar system. Alright it could have been before or after the 4th grade, but I’m choosing to remember it being Mrs. Stearns class because she had to have been on my Top 5 teachers I ever had list (but that’s for another post). Anyhow, back then, there were nine planets including our dearest Pluto. In recent years, it lost its statehood so to speak, but today, a NASA spacecraft ventured within 7,800 miles of Pluto and took some pictures.

THREE In the last month or so, I have fallen off with my reading. This is in part due to my obsession with Spotify and a bunch of new music I have been introduced to. And on the other hand I haven’t gotten into another good book yet.

However, beyond Spotify, I have also been shown the limitless world of podcasting. Hopefully in coming weeks, I can update you with recommendations for both audiobooks and podcasts, but until then, I can say Player FM leaves me with a good impression so far. Any podcast recommendations out there?

FOUR I found this neat article on words we should attempt to eliminate from our vocabulary or at least use with less frequency. I’m a little scared to look back at my posts and see how many times I’ve used some of these! Here are a few that I’m going to try to focus on:

  • honestly
  • very
  • just — I use this one way too much and it’s proving to be a hard habit to break!
  • went (or any verb for that matter, which could be replaced with a different verb that would possibly enrich the story)

This is going to be quite the challenge to work on, but a good exercise all the same.

FIVE Cow SelfieLast but not least, its National Cow Appreciation Day! In my mind, everyday is cow appreciation day, but nonetheless, I wanted to give a shout out to all of those cows out there that have stolen my heart over the years, as well as those men and women who work in this beloved industry, those that dedicate their lives to animal husbandry and educating the world on how important agriculture is. My life wouldn’t be the same without waking up to the sound of a “moo” or having my breath taken away at the sight of the herd grazing on the hilltop.

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And with that, I’m calling it a wrap. :) Goodnight people!


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