Six Ways to Succeed at Sundays


What’s your favorite day of the week? For many I’d assume Friday or Saturday would be the answer. Very few would answer Monday. But then there’s me, with Sunday being my favorite day of the week.

Sure it marks the end of a weekend and the beginning of another work week, but they can also be perfection on so many levels! So below I have put together a few things that may change your mind about your favorite day of the week!

Start your day early. Don’t waste the last day of your weekend in bed! However, don’t take that last comment as meaning I’m against sleep completely. As you’ll see later in this list, I’m “pro-nap”, “anti-sleeping in until noon”. The key to a successful Sunday, is giving yourself ample time to get things done. I start almost every Sunday off at about the same time: 6:45 AM. This gives me just enough time to get my butt up and sip on a cup a coffee, while getting ready for church. And then mass at 8 AM with my family. For me, having the chance to sit with my family in the pew each week with my family makes me so darn happy. And that’s how I get my day started right!

See family and/or friends. GrannyAfter church, it has always been our tradition to go eat breakfast at Granny’s house. I‘ve spoken about this tradition and her fabulous cooking before. But besides the award-winning food consumed at her house, I get to see at least 15-20 of my immediate family members. Yes, it’s every Sunday morning after church that we get together in her house around her table, the very one that she complains weekly about it being too small.

But whether you are getting together with family like me, or a group of friends that live around you, or any mix of the two, what’s most important is surrounding yourself with people who make you happy! A good dose of family and friends will make it hard to roll into Monday not in a good mood!

Take a nap. Don’t be afraid to take a little break at some point. Your weekend has been a long, good one, so go ahead and reward yourself! But beware, naps over 45 minutes long can turn into 4 hour naps real quick!

Get things done. Sundays are perfect for getting things checked off of the to-do list. But first, you’ve got to make yourself that list. Once you have looked over these tasks, add a few easy things to the list that you know you can knock out quickly. For example, I usually add: load/run the dishwasher, fill the ice trays, turn the sprinkler on, etc. Crossing these off the list will get you motivated to tackle the more pain-in-the-butt tasks, like laundry (more specifically, the folding). Another trick, spread these tasks over a few hours, so you don’t get burnt out!

Today, I accomplished a lot. Washed and folded four loads of laundry, a lot. I know, I know. I can just hear my mother asking why the heck I had four loads of laundry, and maybe a little more…, to wash, but honest to goodness I just haven’t had the time, Mom. Because we all know, once you put something in the washing machine, you better commit the time to be there to fold it once the dryer dings. Otherwise, you’re going to have to tumble those suckers again! Other than the laundry feat, I was able to get counters cleaned, toilets scrubbed and my bedroom organized. So chores for the win!

Eat something worthy of a Sunday. Whether you cook at home or go out and grab a bite, make it worthy of a Sunday, meaning, make it something you’re going to want to talk about on Monday. Earlier tonight, Dad smoked a pork roast and Mom did her side dish magic with beans, macaroni salad and spinach tossed with garden-fresh tomatoes and a homemade vinaigrette. I know, my neighbors are the worst!

End your night on a great note. Before you lay your head down, close your eyes and drift off into the land of sheep and zzzzzz, do something that makes you smile and gives you happy thoughts before you begin to think about all that has to be done this coming week. I ended today with a streak of good notes. Dinner with Mom and Dad, sweet phone call from the boyfriend and then I got the chance to pen this post! Not a bad way to roll into the week.

Well that’s my blueprint to a successful Sunday! Can’t wait to blog this week from a lodge somewhere out in the Texas Hill Country! It’s going to be a great week!

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