A Getaway in the Hill Country

Sunset at Quiet Hill Ranch

Sunset at Quiet Hill Ranch

Unplug and unwind. That’s been the theme of our family vacation this year. This is the third year in a row that one of my grandparents have turned 80. In 2013, we threw a big party for Grandpa out at our house that included a dance out on the patio. The next year, it was Granny’s turn. For both of these parties, we sent 100+ invitations. We had to turn fields for grazing into parking lots and have all of our relatives bring a picnic table so everyone could have a place to sit. They were fun parties to say the least.

But this year, Grandma turned 80, and she did not want a party. So instead of having one night all about her, we took a 4 day/3 night trip to Doss, Texas, a little town/community outside of Fredericksburg.

Driving up here was quite the trip. Sydney and I rode together and not once did we turn the radio on. She has been gone since Saturday on a vacation to the beach with her boyfriend and his family. So I guess there was plenty of catching up to do!

Quiet Hill Ranch

The place we are staying at is dubbed Quiet Hill Ranch. It’s gorgeous, quiet and peaceful. There is a larger lodge with a kitchen, living room and long table. We’ve used the heck out of this space. Since arriving we’ve had pulled pork sandwiches; biscuit, gravy and eggs; steak and potatoes; and chorizo, potato and egg tacos. Who needs to eat out when you bring my mother along on any vacation?!?

Each of the couples: my parents, my Aunt Angela and Uncle Anthony, and my grandparents, had cabins to themselves. And then at the end of camp next to the chicken coop, us six granddaughters had a cabin.

We’ve gone on Tschirhart family vacations before. Once to Lake Travis and several times to Port Aransas. Those were a blast but it’s been so fun to have a camp-like atmosphere here in the hill country. Even without WiFi and TV and limited cell service, we’ve found plenty of entertainment. From playing for hours in the pool perfecting our volleyball skills to singing oldies on our way into town and then of course our adventures at a winery and on Main Street in Fredericksburg, smiles and laughter have come easy.

More from our trip into town in the next blog I post. I’ve got too many pictures and things to say, of course, for only one post! Oh and I don’t want to burn through all of my dad’s data on his hotspot! :)

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