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Chisholm Trail Winery

For the last couple of nights, I have been on a blissful vacation with my family at a camp outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. The quiet of our surroundings set the stage for a couple of days of relaxation and fun.

Good Morning Hill Country


On Wednesday, our group, ventured into town to visit a winery and hit Main Street in Fredericksburg. Our group consisted of my parents and sisters, my grandparents, two of my Dad’s brothers, an aunt, and two cousins. A motley crew we were indeed.

Our first stop: Chisholm Trail Winery. There wasn’t any sort of glamorous reason for choosing this winery of the handful in the area. Glamorous isn’t really how our family works. As it happened, this winery was the closest Quiet Hill Ranch.

After walking inside and up to the bar, we were soon greeted by two lovely ladies that led us through various tastings. For the most part, our group was split into 3 groups: the under 21 crowd, who got to sip on cream sodas and play checkers; those who prefer the sweet wines; and then the rest of us that have a preference for the dry. Actually, numerically speaking, our groups were pretty evenly split, funny how that works out.

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For $10, we were treated to five tastings and we got to take home the glasses too! What a deal! I implore you next time you are in the area to visit Chisholm Trail and other wineries. You never know what unique things you will taste, hear and see!

So much more happened on Wednesday. More pictures to come. I’ve got to go float the Comal River now! Be back soon!

Chisholm Trail Winery

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