God is Good. Yet another post about being blessed.

Family at Quiet Hill Ranch

God is good. Though it may sound like an original phrase, possibly under- or over-used depending on how you look at it, but after the week I had last week, I am reminded yet again by the dear Lord how blessed I am.

From the seminar for work I attended last Monday to the 4 days I spent out in the middle of nowhere with my family then to the float trip with my fellow Ags on the Comal River and finally to my trip to Luckenbach, Texas, on Sunday. Yep, the Luckenbach, Texas. It was one hell of a busy week, but looking back, I wouldn’t have done it differently.

Wednesday after our visit at the Chisholm Trail Winery, we took our crew to the into town, so to speak, to check out what Fredericksburg’s Main St. had to offer. We were quite the group I’m sure. My two younger sisters and 2 cousins split off of us old folks so they could do their own shopping and grab frozen yogurt, while the rest of us stopped in shops and tasteries (<— this should be a word). We did more wine tastings and tried out a few beers, including a jalapeño IPA. I’m not going to recommend that one.

But what I will recommend, however, is walking down Main St. with a pint or glass of something in your hand. It makes boutique shopping all the better! Filters disappear and the inner comedian in us all came out. Luckily we made it back to our cars without loosing anyone. We would have been in trouble if someone accidentally, or purposely, separated from the masses since a good chuck of our group are hard of hearing and sometimes don’t notice their phone’s ringing continuously! But no worries, we didn’t have to deal with that dilemma on this trip.

We then piled into the two vehicles, and I mean piling not 100% literally, but it was one of the lesser comfortable car rides I’ve been on, at least lately. After leaving Main St. we took a short trip over to the Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg, otherwise known as the Wildflower Farm.

My parents and sisters had taken a trip close to 14 years ago to Fredericksburg. We were those kind of kids. Those that are easily entertained by a Motel 6 or Super 8 hotel swimming pool. Those that don’t think watching a couple of hours of Bob Ross painting, on a Saturday morning, with your family of 6, in a hotel, is weird. Those that are perfectly content with going to Denny’s the morning of checkout because it’s right next to your La Quinta. And those that find trips to Boerne, Fredericksburg, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas in November, College Station, Lake Travis, and Lubbock for softball are good enough spots for a family vacation as any. Shoot, my parents could both tell you that we were happy kids even going to a cheap hotel for the night in San Antonio as long as they had a pool! Maybe it was living out in the country or just the way we were raised in general that has sheltered us from normal expectations of the word “vacation”, which has left us easily entertained and satisfied as long our company is good.

But back to the Wildflower Farm, even though it’s been 14 years since we last visited, Sydney and I have vividly remembered the Buttered Pecan ice cream we ate while Mom and Dad drank some German-imported beer. So needless to say, we had been looking forward to this part of our trip for quite sometime. Unfortunately as it goes, we were told that they only had vanilla and peach flavored ice cream. Womp, womp. And I’m not sure the attendant was too thrilled to have to dish out 13 ice cream cones for our group, but hey, we weren’t going to leave empty-handed. This part of the day was pretty much a let down; partly because we had hyped it up so much off of a very distant memory. Then again, we probably needed a little sit in the shade and something cool to quiet us down for the trek back to Quiet Hill Ranch.

Our car consisted of Mom and Dad, my three sisters, two cousins and myself. Remember when I said it wasn’t all that comfortable, now maybe you can see why. Yet even with leg room being limited, we had the best carload in my opinion. We sang The Gambler, King of the Road, Lucille, Joy to the World and a few others a cappella. As I’ve said multiple times on my blog, the Tschirhart side of my family loves to sing, and this car ride proved that the tradition will continue to the next generation!

After returning to the ranch from our long day, we hurriedly dressed into our bathing suits and went for an evening dip in the pool. It was an above ground pool, since according to the owner the ground was too hard to dig a hole without the use of dynamite! We, young people plus the grandparents and an uncle or two, played for a couple of hours a volleyball game of sorts. Again, easily entertained us simply country folks are! :) The video below is me pretending to be a little kid, who does less smart things like jump off of a wet rock wall attempting a “jump serve” into the pool. Not the brightest idea, looking back, and it looked way cooler in my mind. But I’m sharing because you may need a good laugh today!

Once supper, sirloins from the fattened calf along with baked potatoes, broccoli slaw and corn, was ready, we withdrew from the pool and gathered around the tremendously long table in the main lodge. After the prayer, I scarfed down all that was on my plate. And the steaks were indeed from a heifer that had been on feed at my grandparents’ house and later harvested for our family’s consumption. In a weird way, one I’ve never been able to explain, meat but beef in particular, has always tasted better when I knew where it came from and on top of that was fed right down the road from me. But maybe that’s just me. I’ll have to poll the rest of my family for their thoughts.

Below are the final pictures we took out at Quiet Hill Ranch before we headed back home. We were down a few vacationers at that point but we didn’t want to miss out on such a good photo-op. Another undeniable benefit to vacationing only 100 miles from home is that it’s only an hour and a half between not your bed and your bed!

I would apologize for such a long post, but then again, fun was had and pictures were taken, so of course I had to share.  Hope everyone has a great day, week, rest of July, etc.

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Family at Quiet Hill Ranch

Goodbye to Cabin #4, where we, younger than 25, lived for the week.

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