Things Tuesday: 07/28/2015

Selfie with Ellie

It’s been a little while since I did a Things Tuesday post, but I’m back now and I have a few quality, or so I think, things to share with y’all!

ONE It’s been a little while since I last shared anything Aggie-related. But this will make you smile and maybe even tear up, especially if you’re an Aggie! Tom “Ike” Morris, Class of 1933, is turning 105 years old on August 1, 2015. He is the oldest living Aggie. He graduated over 82 years ago. Let that sink in. This old Ag, was Aggie before there ever was a Reveille, before Gig’ Em ever meant anything and long before women were ever in attendance. Not only is his age incredible, his spirit is one of a kind.

Two years ago, at Muster, he was presented with a new Aggie ring after wearing out his first ring and losing his second one in his 80s. His story is quite spectacular. I plan on joining countless Aggies in wishing him a Happy Birthday by sending a card to his house. I hope he has a good relationship with his mailman because he’s going to be receiving tons of mail!

TWO Now that you’ve seen the video above, you’ve got to check out this one as well. This story is about a man who plays taps everyday at the same time. Watch how the community responds.

When I first saw this story, I most definitely teared up. It brought back memories of going to Academic Plaza on Texas A&M’s campus at 10 PM ever first Tuesday of the month for the Silver Taps in honor of any students whom passed away in the previous month. This ritual was and remains my favorite tradition at A&M.

Standing in the dark (when I say dark, I mean “living out in the country” dark*), in the grass, with thousands of your peers for a half hour does something to you.  You begin to realize, or are again reminded, of how life is so much bigger than yourself. You stand there for what will feel like a long time, but in all actuality is only 15-20 minutes. You will hear taps being played. Then you will get goosebumps. The occasion may bring on a somber feeling and you may feel as though you have to fight back tears.
After taps are played, a 21-gun salute will sound off. At this point, your whole body may ache as you are struck with the ceremony’s meaning. One or more of your fellow Aggies left this world prematurely and the student body is there in their honor.
This isn’t a simple obituary announcement like what you would see posted on the post office bulletin board. This is a university’s student body coming together to prove that no matter how big we may grow, we all matter, even in the end. Now, after the guns have gone off, Amazing Grace is played on the clock tower. I wish I could find audio of this. It is such a beautifully understated way to conclude the night. And finally, as you walk back to your dorm, or to your car and go home, you will be overcome with the urge to remain silent.
It’s in this silence where you will find an even greater love for your beloved institution. If you are a current or future student at Texas A&M, please take the time to attend Silver Taps. After attending a couple of times, you will surely come to love this incredibly humbling event and you will leave with a feeling that is all too unique to explain.

*Texas A&M sends out an email earlier in the day to the student body asking that all lights on campus be extinguished during Silver Taps.

THREE (Whew this list may only have four bullets on it, but it’s going to be a little bit long winded.) Alrighty, in case you missed it, for most of last week I was on vacation with my family. Check out my previous posts to catch up if you’d like. This post will still be waiting for you.

It was great. However, Monday was not so great. According to WebMD, I had the Vacation Blues. All of my enthusiasm I had built up for my return was quickly deflated once I arrived to an inbox full of emails and voice mail, and a stack of things that hit the fan, so to speak, of course while I was out. After coping with the ba-humbug feeling on Monday, I was able to do a few things to quickly try to turn my week around. As I worked on this post, I happened to find this list, of which a few of I used myself.

  • Take some time to tidy up your desk or at least sort through everything, you may find that things are in slightly different spots on your desk after being gone for four days.
  • Prioritize. I’m really bad at this sometimes. But it’s important to make a list of what needs to get done asap and the other things that can wait until later in the week. Write them down, your brain isn’t big enough to remember them all!

Baby steps. One thing crossed off at a time. This makes me think of a Johnny Cash song:

FOUR Finally, this list will end on a cute note. Earlier this month, on the 15th, was the 3rd Adoption Anniversary for me and Ellie :) Yes my precious pup who has been there with me for the past 1,110 days playing the role of co-pilot, cuddle-buddy, workout partner, and friend. She’s had to put up with countless car rides, trips to the dog park, the back and forth life of being a country/city dog and all of my usual craziness. She’s easily the best $80 + vet bills, I have ever spent.

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