What a Great July

July Recap

August is the best month of the year. However, I am biased since it’s my “birthday month.” What’s better than feeling pretty close to 100% sure that it will be hot enough outside to drink a cold one on my birthday, a guarantee that sits just fine with me. But to be fair, July treated me well both personally and my blog too. So with that in mind, I thought I’d be kind enough to share with y’all some highlights.

JulySeven posts were posted:

  1. One Fish, Two Fish   ** Highest View Count **
  2. Things Tuesday: 07/14/2015   ** Most Likes on Facebook **
  3. Six Ways to Succeed on a Sunday
  4. A Getaway in the Hill Country
  5. 100 Miles from Home
  6. God is Good. Another post about being blessed.
  7. Things Tuesday: 07/28/2015

During this past month, my site had 2,491 views and 620 unique visitors, bringing my grand total to 8,897 unique visitors to sheerheart.org! It’s amazing to think that almost 8,900 different people have taken a peak.

Also I know have 347 people following me through WordPress, Twitter and by email. Thank you, thank you, thank you for subscribing/following to my randomness. Sometimes I need a little encouragement to get back on the posting wagon and when I hear feedback from people who have been following my posts, I immediately remember why I love doing this so much.

If you haven’t subscribed and wish to do so, enter your email to the right of this post under my picture. Also a big thank you to all of you, mainly my family J, which like/share/comment on Facebook my posts. Y’all are a big reason I have so many views and why some of my extended family were able to recognize me at the family reunions! Again, thank you so very much.

July was a great month for different kind of posts along with posts that are a similar style of some of my older works. It’s been fun to share pictures and experiences with you. Hopefully August continues with this similar theme. I have a full calendar with a lot of blog material I would imagine! So sit back; keep viewing, liking, commenting, following and sharing away. Oh and enjoy the ride!

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