Things Tuesday: 09/01/2015

Things Tuesday

Tuesday, Wednesday, August, 2015, where have you gone? With so much going on, Things Tuesday will have to be two whole days late. But that’s okay because I have brought you a pretty darn good list. So let’s get things started.

ONE This will make you laugh. I promise.

TWO And if you appreciate the actual game of baseball (not just the entertainment!) this video will make you say, “Wow.”

THREE After winning another championship last season my softball team, Cleats and Cleavage, are back at it. Same name, new color. Since they don’t keep their articles up forever, I wanted to include a little excerpt from their weekly newsletter. The tone of these articles crack me up.

Cleats and Cleavage looked to keep their season going against Ice Cold Pitchers who looked to keep Cleats and Cleavage cool. Things looked to be going Cleats and Cleavage’s way early building a 7 run lead that looked to be safe but over the last two innings, Ice Cold Pitchers staged a furious comeback that trimmed the lead to 1 but with the tying run in scoring position, they failed to get that run across ending their season in heartbreaking fashion and allowing Cleats and Cleavage to breathe a sigh of relief and they escaped by the seat of their shorts 9-8 to advance to the championship.

The social championship featured the top two seeds and right away they showed why they deserved those positions. No team was able to gain a clear advantage as they were very evenly matched. Cleats and Cleavage broke the ice with a single run in the first but Sacs N Racks doubled them up in the second which prompted Cleats and Cleavage to come back with a run to tie it up at a pair a piece. Cleats and Cleavage gave themselves some breathing room in the third when they pushed two more across the plate to give them the cushion but in the spirit of the game Sacks N Racks cut into the lead with a run in the fourth and two more in the fifth to give them the one run lead. With little time left Cleats and Cleavage knew they had to respond, and respond they did, tying the game up then taking the lead and padding it. Sacks N Racks could not get that third out to end the inning and give them one last at bat as time ran out on them, leaving Cleats and Cleavage standing alone as champions.

Cleats & Cleavage Softball Champions

FOUR Moving on to football, here is one of the best player interviews I’ve heard in a long time! Fast forward 15 years and I bet this girl has a job at the mother ship.

FIVE And now to my beloved Aggies: in a little over 2 short days, a mere 56 hours from now, my Aggies will be taking on Arizona State at Reliant Stadium for their first game of the season. My finger nails may not survive the weekend. I have a feeling this will be a tough one.

But if you’re in the San Antonio area, the San Antonio A&M Club and the Young Aggies of San Antonio, of which I am a part of, will have their official game watching parties at Little Woodrow’s (Medical Center) and Roo Pub (281 & Redland). Feel free to join in on the fun!

SIX Yesterday would have been my Grandpa Denis’s 85th birthday. Early last year I shared with y’all a little piece of mind and heart regarding my Grandpa Denis of whom I have never met. If you have an extra ten minutes, feel free to read that post by clicking here.

But to summarize: even though I have never met him and he passed away over 36 years ago, I feel like I have come to love and know him through the stories my granny, my mom and her siblings as well as his friends have passed along to us. All 18 of us grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren (and one more on the way!) have and will have a special relationship with him. We hopefully won’t see him for a long time, but when the time arises, he’ll be there waiting for us. I’ll close this like I closed that post; through their [my family’s] stories, love and laughter, I find my Grandpa Denis smiling right back to me. So Happy Birthday Gramps! Hope you got yourself a big bowl of ice cream!

Well I hope you’ve had a wonderful week thus far. Only one and a half more days til the weekend! :)

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