I’ve Been Eating Well Lately

Hamburger Steak and Fried Eggs for Breakfast

In previous posts, I have spoken a lot about how fortunate I am to live in a family and a place where good food is not hard to find. In recent years, I have branched out and opened my palette up to new experiences. But sometimes the oldies will always remain the goodies.

So I figured I would show off a little and toot my mother’s horn a bit, of course.

Actually let’s start with that. Last weekend, all of my other sisters were one place or another, so I was the only daughter around. And even though I no longer live at Mom and Dad’s, I’m close enough to usually receive an invite for breakfast on Saturdays, dinner on Sundays and maybe a supper or two throughout the week.

Saturday for the first time in weeks, I slept in until 8 in the morning! Just as I was fixing a pot of coffee I received a text from Mom asking if I wanted to join her and Dad for breakfast. Naturally, I asked what she was making. Although, looking back I don’t know why I even ask. No matter what she makes, it’ll be better than what I whip up, so I ought to just mosey on over without questioning. But then again, if you know me, not questioning, isn’t really my nature.

But Mom calls me and says she’s making hamburger steaks and Dad is frying eggs. As you would assume, I was a bit surprised by this menu choice. However, I should have known Mom would have a good reason. Once I walked up to their house, she gave me the scoop that she really needed to cook some hamburger meat before it went bad, therefore, that’s what we ate.

Hamburger Steak and Fried Eggs for Breakfast

I think the real reason she made them, was that her favorite daughter was the only one around so she wanted to treat me. ;) Yeah right! One day, I will have to sit down, get this recipe and recount it for you, because I promise you, she makes the best hamburger/cheeseburger steak.

Now on to my supper I made a couple of days ago. Last week I got the urge to cook supper for all of my sisters, two younger cousins and Mom and Dad. I hadn’t cooked for many people in a while, other than making ice cream for work, so I was due. I find that when I am going to cook for a group, I tend to look towards meals I have made before and have confidence in. So I turned toward my trusty Chicken Tacos, where I throw a 4-lb bag of HEB Chicken Fajita Thighs in the crockpot with a jar of picante sauce and a little water and let cook for a good 8 hours or so. Although, now that school traffic is back in force, these got to cook for 10 hours on Low. The extra time only made them better though. Anyways, the night was a hit.

So when I went to the grocery store earlier in the week, I again felt like cooking for a group. This time it was just little sisters and cousins. Even though the temperatures are still in the 90s, it’s September, and I felt like stew.

Chuck roast… check.
Onion Soup Mix… check.
Carrots… check.
Potatoes… check.
Bell peppers… check.
Onions… check.
Cream of mushroom…. crud. Of course I forgot something. Another thing I always do.

Fortunately, my mother’s pantry is like a store, almost fully stocked, but a store where you can pay in hugs and “I Love Yous”. :)

After cutting the roast into chunks, and slicing the veggies, all ingredients went into the crockpot on low. 10 hours later, I make rice and a salad and dinner was served. These suppers have been so much fun. I already told them to plan on keeping this up each week.

Stew over Rice and Caesar Salad

Looking back at my childhood, I have come to realize and appreciate how much sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast or supper with my family has meant to me. It truly is the little things in life.

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  1. I will vouch that the cheeseburger steak & eggs breakfast was wonderful; however, since I didn’t get an invite for the stew you made I can’t say how good it was.

    It did look really, really good though!

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