Where I’m From by Kymberlyn #NationalPoetryDay

Kymberlyn the Poet

Kymberlyn the PoetThis was not a planned post; I have another one of those coming later today! But early this morning I received a family group text from my little sister. She sent us a copy of a poem she wrote to turn into her 10th grade English teacher. And it was amazing. It amazes me how my pride in my family, particularly my sisters, continues to increase. Maybe one day you’ll be reading one of their blogs!

I guess it’s no coincidence they had a poetry assignment today beings that according to Twitter, it is indeed National Poetry Day! With her permission, below I am sharing with you her piece.

Where I’m From
By: Kymberlyn

I am from softball and Easton gloves
and Mizuno cleats

I am from the ranch
on top of the hill.
White rock, green roof,
it smells of hay.

I am from crepe myrtles,
the white and lavender blooms,
catching in the wind.

I’m from family values
and huge gatherings,
from Tschirhart and Rihn.

I am from a community of Catholics,
from a red brick church
and Jesus Christ
dying for our sins.

I’m from Castroville,
glazed twists and breakfast tacos.
From the black widow that bit Grandpa’s privates,
and the trailer Dad hauled cattle to Seguin in.

In the top drawer of the dresser,
files and files of photos.
Old outfits and tantrums
replenishing my memories.

These are the moments
from which I have sprouted,
that I will never let go.

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