Sunburnt in October

Working Cows w Grandpa

Working Cows w Grandpa Occasionally weekends come around and I have no extensive plans. This is becoming less and less often, but when they do come around, I welcome them with open arms and try my damnedest to make the most of it!

It was only a couple of weeks ago, I shared some pictures and happenings from the Commercial Heifer Validation. That was a fun day but a bit different from the usual working cow events.

Like I summarized in that post and many prior, it doesn’t matter how many years I grow older, I will still always love and cherish these types of days working cattle with my family. It makes me smile; it’s my happy place. And for a Saturday in October, you couldn’t ask for better weather for this type of work. Warm but a breeze frequented us. However, naturally, I found a way to get myself sunburned in October!

This go-round, there was plenty of help available. Uncle Anthony had Grandpa, Taylor, Kymber, Sabrina and I on hand to get the work done fairly quick. For the cows, they were preg-checked, de-wormed and their fly tags were cut out. They were done pretty quick, especially with so many of us acting as an assembly line of sorts.

The calves got to be vaccinated and de-wormed. Since we were not working with a squeeze shoot I was in charge of catching them in the headgate, and I must toot my horn this time. I didn’t miss a single one of them! I’ll take that kind of success any day! And again with all of us there helping, we made quick work of the 26 calves.

Working Cows with the FamilyIn conclusion, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday in the cow pens.

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