Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 25

Edition 25: October 23, 2015

It hasn’t been the most fun last couple of days. Yesterday, not only did I watch my Aggies take a beating and look like crud, I also started feeling sick. Sure enough, I came down will my yearly case of strep throat. After a visit to Texas MedClinic and a shot (not in my arm….), I was sent back home for a day of ibuprofen every 4 hours, Gatorade out of a sippy cup, and quite the nap. But now, I’m feeling a little more productive, so I figured I’d catch up on a little blogging!

Edition No. 25: October 23, 2015

In the last couple of weeks, I have been working with Dhruvi. She is also a blogger! Check out her blog, Stilettos And Sequins! Her last 3 posts feature my photography. I’ve been loving our work together as it pushes me out of my comfort zone and always gives me a new challenge. Looking forward to our future work together!
<< Here’s the link to her post on this particular outfit >>


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