What You Do When No One is Looking

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Well what you do, is your business. In fact I have no earthly idea what you do when all eyes are turned. But, I do know what I do. And although most of these walk the line between somewhat embarrassing and flat-out, yep that’s me, I felt awfully inspired after my night of being relatively to myself.

Sydney was home, but with her being an elementary teacher and all, she turns in for the night earlier. Even more so tonight, since I am riding a week of extra-sleep after being sick with strep, yuck.

When the night was to myself, I reverted back to the days of living alone and opened a bottle of wine and watched The Voice. I am not usually a reality tv kind of girl, but I’ve got to admit, this show is good.

However, it wasn’t until after The Voice was over and dishes were washed that I began to do things that I only do when no one is watching, awake, within earshot, etc.
To embrace being on the edge of an over-share moment, here we go:

When No One is Looking, I… 

  • dance to salsa music wearing my highest of heels for long periods of time
    (honestly, it turns into more of a workout by the end of it!)
  • pretend to have my own cooking showing while cooking in the kitchen
  • talk to myself (hence the fake cooking show going on…)
  • cry when I hear beautiful music (teared up tonight watching this performance)
  • sing the oldies and two-step alone across the kitchen floor
  • over-analyze, everything
  • go for a walk outside and skip like a child thinking about just how blessed I am

We, Us, Everything

As silly as this list may be, it was fun and a little embarrassing penning these to paper. I called myself out on them, yet I don’t plan on discontinuing any of them. They make me who I am. A little weird, silly and thankful all in one 5′ 2″ bundle of laughs and funny faces!

What do you do when no one is watching?


  1. I didn’t think you every washed dishes….

    If I knew how to do an emoji I would do one now!!!

    Thanks for the post and have a great week.

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