That I all am.


I use the phrase “there aren’t enough words to …” often. I was about to begin this post with that phrase followed by “to describe how thankful I am for everything I have in this world and up in heaven.” But then I thought how silly of a phrase that is to say. There are millions of words in the English dictionary, surely there are enough. So I looked up “thankful” in the thesaurus, and the above were some of the first listed.

At times, I find certain words in my vocabulary to lose the weight of their meaning after such heavy use. They become almost generic, if I were to ever use that word as a negative. “Thankful” would easily fall under that category. Why, I’m thankful all of the time. I think I use that word on an almost daily basis.

But even if I were to substitute it with any word(s) from above, I’m not sure if that would help. Because being thankful, isn’t just the action of telling people what you are thankful for. It’s a feeling, an awareness, a sense. Something that you may not be able to put into words, but it’ll most likely water your eyes.

If I were to set a timer for 30 seconds and asked you to think of what you are most thankful for, what would you think about?

Ok, now how about if I only gave you 10 seconds? How about only 1 second?

The point isn’t to rank in order of most to least what you are thankful for, but to remind you what is most near and dear to you.

Today has been wonderful. Spending time with both of our families reminds me of how good I have it!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Gobble gobble!

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