Only in San Antonio

Viva Tacoland, San Antonio, Texas

Viva Tacoland, San Antonio, TexasOh San Antonio, how happy you make me. While at the little sister’s basketball game last night, I happened to notice an odd picture in my news feed. Oddly enough, the picture of this wall was the only thing I could load in that gym. But I’m so thrilled I saw it. It had a note that for every post on Instagram with this featured and #ILoveTacos and #ILoveTacosSoMuch in the caption, $1 would be donated to San Antonio’s children charities.

Not only do I love tacos and cool wall art, but who doesn’t love when money gets donated to charity? Per usual, I immediately shared with my blogger friend, Dhruvi. And what do you know, the next morning, today, we made our way over to the Pearl then to Viva Tacoland to get the pictures taken! I won’t share hers just yet, since she’s posting it on her blog later this week. But I’ll share as soon as she does.

Viva Tacoland, San Antonio, Texas


  1. Nice post…. but you shouldn’t be checking our things on your phone while you are at your sister’s basketball game. You should have been yelling at the referees like the rest of us were!!!

    • Oh Dad.. I was trying to be inconspicuous sitting next to the crazy man next to me yelling so much ;) It’s not a family night with a little obnoxious raising of voices!

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