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Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015


To begin, Half-Priced Books is a dangerous place. Very dangerous. I dropped by because traffic was horrible, then decided I might as well look for some Louis L’Amour books I don’t already have, and then all of a sudden, I have a basket fully from all different shelves. If anyone needs a library card for my library, let me know!

Trip to Half Priced Books

Ok, now back to the regular broadcasting update: Reading Challenge 2015 UPDATE

A week or two ago I recapped my year of reading thus far, or at least the last month or two. After getting some feedback and recommendations from family and friends, my library grew. Therefore, I thought for the remainder of the year (what, less than four more weeks!), I would try to give weekly updates so you could make your wager on whether or not I meet my goal.

In that last post, I was at 19/30 books. Days later, and I have added two more to that count. Bringing the number of books to read before 2015 runs out, to a whopping 9 books. Cue the “I Think I Can” chant.

Books I finished this past week:

The Partner by John Grisham  << my review >>
The Muralist
  by B.A. Shapiro  <<my review >>

Wow, I didn’t realize how odd that sounds when spoken aloud. I promise I read books with more than two words in the title!

Joe and I “read” (aka listened to) “The Partner” on our road trip to Louisiana this past weekend. We really found ourselves hooked on the novel, especially on the ride home. I think out of the 8+ hours in the car, 75% of that time was spent listening to the book. Unfortunately/fortunately we had a little over two hours left of the recording when we made it back to town. But of course by lunchtime the next day, we had both found time to listen to the rest.

As much as I love using Audible, it was even more enjoyable to listen to a book with someone else and share thoughts and opinions on the story as it went on. I went through Audible reading the back covers, so to speak, of various books until we came across one we both were interested in. It turned out to be a really great way to pass the hours sitting in traffic with the rest of Texas.

I want to give those that recommended books, after my last reading post, a big “Thank You”. As I said earlier, my library both in my house and on Audible, have had a number of books added to them. I have two books I am currently reading and “reading”.

Playing for Pizza by John Grisham
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari & Eric Klinenberg

For the record, I am listening to “Modern Romance” because Aziz Ansari is also the narrator, so I figured the book would be more comedic than anything. As it turns out it has been entertaining and also interesting. Thus far, it’s fashioned more like a “Freakonomics” book rather than a self-help. And again, I find myself laughing at his narration more than anything.

And “Playing for Pizza” is the perfect book to read during the time it takes me to ride the three elevators up to my office. Not to mention, anytime you are in an elevator actually reading a book, it turns into a conversation starter of sorts. Since reading “Matagorda” last week and now this book, I have been stopped and either complimented or given more reading recommendations.

Well let’s see what all I can finish this week. Updates to continue!

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