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2015 Reading Challenge Update

Prior to my recent Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 30 post, it had been a little while since I had last posted. But I do have some pretty valid reasons for my absence.

For one, this time of year had me plenty busy helping my company with Adopt-A-Family, a Family Services Association event. For a tiny office of only 15 employees, we were able to help 3 families, 15 individuals, of which a whopping 10 were children under the age 11.

I couldn’t be more proud of a group of people. We were able to outfit all 10 of the kids with at least one pair of jeans, several new shirts and for many of them, jackets too! Along with new clothes, we were able to gift them with several different toys from their wish list. I learned that Hot Wheels are still a big deal!

So other than shopping for Adopt-A-Family and my family, I was busy trying to make good on a resolution I had set at the beginning of 2015. That would be my Reading Challenge, of course. Procrastinators will procrastinate!

With a measly 3 days left in the year, I have left myself with just enough time to finish up two more books to complete my goal of reading 30 this year. Earlier in the month, I had updated y’all and luckily I have done lots of reading since.

2015 Reading Challenge UpdateTo be honest, it’s a good thing I went to drafting up this post. I had it in my head that I only had one more book to read, but after double- and triple-checking my reading list, I have read 28 books, not 29! Yikes. But it’s a darn good thing that I was already well into both an audiobook and a paperback, so I still feel good about completing the challenge.

On the “currently-reading” list:

Reading two books at a time has always worked out for me. The only rule I follow is not to read two westerns at once. My brain is not advanced enough for that! And it just wouldn’t be right rounding out the year with anything other than an ole cowboy western and Murder, She Wrote. I guess I’m just a strange nut or something!

Been there, done that. Books I finished up since my last post:

Notice a trend?? Ok, ok. I admit it. Westerns are, for me, quick reads. And when you’re down 8+ books and you’ve got way to much pride to fail at something so easy, you do what you’ve got to do! Next year, I “promise” I won’t procrastinate so much.

To spare you the trouble of reading through all of my recommendations, my favorites from this month are The Pumpkin Rollers, Playing for Pizza, Trouble Shooter and Modern Romance. See only two westerns made the list, progress. But I must credit Mary Hollon for her superb recommendations. I would have never picked up a Elmer Kelton book if not for her and it would have been a darn shame to both my imagination and stomach if I had never read Playing for Pizza!

Alrighty, wish me luck, I’ve got Have you got any recommendations for my 2016 reading list? I’ve already got some books in the queue, but I’m always looking for more!

Happy Tuesday peeps!

Goodreads 2015 Reading ChallengeGoodreads 2015 Reading Challenge



  1. I too listen to a book while reading another sometimes! I like your reading challenge I might come up with one for myself. I just finished The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, its an amazing story and a really quick read. The Good Girl by Mary Kubica was awesome, it was a story I wanted to keep listening to even after I got home from my daily drive to and from work. It has a Gone Girl type of twisted ending. Another one that kept me turning the pages was Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (like the name suggests the book is pretty dark in some parts though). I have really liked reading Liane Moriarty books this past year they are all really good. John Grisham’s Sycamore Row is really really good as well. I have also recently been into reading war-time stories like American Sniper, Lone Survivor, Black Hawk Down, Men in Green Faces and No Easy Day.

    • Thanks Katie for all of your suggestions! I would have never thought of some of these but I’ll be sure to add. You should try using to set up your reading challenge for 2016. It’s pretty handy to keep track of all that you read or would like to read. Not to mention it gives you a encouragement here and there to keep you on track!
      Ahh reading. It’s so great, just wish I could do even more of it!

  2. haha I just looked at your reading challenge and signed myself up on good reads and it transferred all of my amazon kindle books over and then I will just have to add my Audible books to the list. I looked on the site and it has the place for the 2015 challenge but I didn’t find one for 2016, I will look back on the first! :) I was really excited about getting to be able to read after college just for fun.

    • I haven’t seen anything about 2016 but I think after the 1st it’ll probably be up. It looks like they’ve done it the last few years.

      I neglected reading for fun while I was in college. Now that I’ve been using Audible for a year or so, I can’t imagine not using my 2 hour commute any other way! Might as well make some use out of traffic ;)

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