New Year, Resolutions Made

2016 New Year's Resolution

Well hello, 2016. To my surprise, I have yet to mess up the date this year. That’s got to be a sign that 2016 will be my year, right???

Last year, I shared some of my resolutions, and y’all did such a good job of holding me to them. < insert applause for you > Whether you care or not about my resolutions, knowing I put them on the internet, where they can’t go away, kept me a little more thoughtful of them throughout the year. Particularly, when it came to the Reading Challenge. I’m happy to say, I finished my goal with two days to spare! Whoohoo!!

But back to the new year at hand. I’ve worked on a list of odds and ends to focus on over the next 356 days. (Yep, don’t forget it’s a leap year!)

2016 New Year's Resolutions

New Website
Not to fear, is staying right here. Although, it’s going to be looking fresh once it’s all said and done. There is a design overhaul in the works. Warning: I may be out of commission for a brief time in the coming weeks until it’s wrapped up, but I absolutely cannot wait! A full post on that when it is complete :) Hint, hint. See below.

2016 Reading Challenge
Last year I challenged myself to read 30 books. I was able to work through a good dose of procrastination and complete my goal. And I really enjoyed using Goodreads to keep track of it all. So for 2016, were upping it to 35 books this year. And don’t worry, I’m already working on one!

Being a Better Friend
This is hard to admit out-loud, but I’m not the best of friends.
Don’t get me wrong, I have friends in my life that I completely adore and would do anything for. But at the same tim, I need to be better for them.
I’ve always been so close to my family that sometimes I forget just how valuable my friendships are.

Save Money. Buy Less. Give More.
As difficult as saving can be, I’m at a point now where it is becoming more and more important. And I really have no excuse! In the last five or six months, along with trying to save money, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to continue to increase my contribution to my church and the various charities I have the opportunity to give with through work.

Have Patience
I have for the most part always struggled with the concept of patience. Ask Mom and Dad. It tends to leave me quicker than it should. But then again, how do I fix that. Breaking exercises? Counting backwards from 10, 100, 1000? Have any suggestions for me??
But I really, I probably should move this toward the top of this list. It would most likely make life easier, but then again, I usually like to take the more difficult approach to things!

Make Memories
Go to another Aggie away game, day trips, road trips. Focus less on the material things, and more on what you will recall on when you’re old and wrinkly!

Have Something Published
Pretty much like it sounds. I’d love to have one of my pictures or an article I write published in a magazine, paper, online, etc. There so many opportunities to have works published. It just takes a little time and effort.

These will be a challenge, however, most definitely all attainable.
What are some of your goals and resolutions?

Alrighty, adios and until next time!

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