Most-Loved: January 2016

Most-Loved: January 2016

Did someone forget to tell January that it was supposed to feel like the longest month ever following the back-to-back holiday seasons? January sure did fly by. I’m not too sad to see it go though, and look forward to February being nice to me!

After stewing over some of my favorite things from the month, I figured I’d share with you!

Most-Loved: January 2016

To begin, of course we’ll start with the books I read in January, for my Reading Challenge 2016, and which were my favorites!

All of these books, I would highly recommend! And yes, I am already 5 (actually 6, just finished another :)), into my Reading Challenge! Whoohoo. #BTHOprocrastination
I listened to The Five Keys of Mindful Communication, To the Last Man and The Innocent through my Audible app. And then I read 10 Lb. Penalty and Sackett’s Land through books I found at Half Price Books. Gosh, I love that store!

Alrighty moving on to favorite movies of the month! All of these I found on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  • Unbranded  – Documentary about some crazy Aggies!
  • Buck  – Documentary about a horse trainer. Highly recommend this one!
  • Somm  – Documentary about students trying to pass the Master Sommelier Exam. Great for wine enthusiasts.
  • My Favorite Wife  – 1940 Irene Dunne/Cary Grant movie (black & white) that is quite comical.

January did turn out to be a good month for books and movies! However, it did also provide me with one of the most embarrassing things I’ve done, recently at least. On the last day of the month, this past Sunday, I stopped by our new Valero Cornerstore to fill gas and grab a 6-pk of Lonestar of course! Well naturally a lot was on my mind and after placing the 6-pk in the back seat, I put my seat belt on and started to pull away from the pump, WITHOUT removing the nozzle from my tank! Thankfully, this must happen more often than we think, because the hose easily unhooked from the gas pump. After confessing my mistake to the attendant he hooked it back together with relative ease. And of course he had to ask, if I had already downed one of the beers I had bought, but I showed him I had done none of the sort. Embarrassing.

More favorites of the month:

  • Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers – These really are awesome! Highly recommend, plus the cost isn’t outrageous.
  • Allegra K Woman Zip Up Vest – I loved this vest so much I bought it both Navy and Red! And they are less than $17!
  • Evernote App – I use this app on my phone and both my computer at home and at work. It has done wonders to keep me organized. And the free option is pretty great!
  • Lemon Water – During the month of January, I made it a point to drink more water than usual. One of the ways I accomplished this goal, was Meyers lemons. I took one to work every day, cut into 8 wedges so then I could easily remember how many glasses of water I drank. Ahh so refreshing!
  • Fave Picture I took in January, of course it would be this:
    South Texas Sunrise
  • Favorite Playlist: @ the Moment: Start 2016
    In January, if I was in the car or at work, not listening to a book, I was listening to this playlist!

What were some of your favorites in January? Hopefully, this weekend I can finish up my new website and introduce it to y’all. Can’t wait!
Happy February y’all!

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