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Graduation 2016: Maycee and Taylor

Graduation 2016: Maycee and Taylor

Lordy, lordy. Where has the time flown to? Another baby sister of mine, and a cousin too, are a couple of months shy of setting off for Texas A&M! Am I ready for this? No. First off, how can it already be four years since I graduated from that beloved institution? Secondly, how can Maycee already be 18 and leaving home?

Even with all of my disbelief at how quick the years have gone, I am more than a little excited for the journey the two of them are about to venture on. College was some of the best four years I could have ever imagined. Filled with loads of fun, and a lot of tough lessons learned. Admittedly, some lessons needed to be learned a few more times than once. But all-in-all, I will always treasure my years away from home.

When I left for Aggieland, Sydney was 15, Maycee was 10 and Kymber was 8. As close as I am to my sisters, leaving home was bittersweet. Sure, I knew that college was going to one heck of a ride. However, leaving my sisters, my best friends, at home, knowing I would miss out on most softball games, Sunday mornings in church, and my favorite, suppers around the kitchen table, made me balk for a slight moment. Being the oldest sister, I didn’t take this lightly.

I probably drove my friends and acquaintances nuts talking about them so much. Describing in detail their personalities and quirks that make me love them so much. But they are my pride and joy. Going home was almost always such a treat. I could never get enough. Nonetheless, Aggieland teaches you how to strike a balance one way or another. The trip back and forth seemed shorter and shorter, as the years went on. It wasn’t until after I had graduated and stayed in College Station to work another year, had coming home for the weekends hard. Not that I didn’t want to come home, but that I couldn’t bear to leave home once I was there. Eventually, I got to where I would leave as soon as I could from work on Friday, spend both Friday night and Saturday with my family (hoping there were cows to work), and then Sunday, going to church. After church, if I was smart, I would head immediately back to College Station. But if I went home and lounged and horsed around with my sisters, I would convince myself I’d leave later in the afternoon. And then later in the afternoon, I would watch as Dad threw something on the pit and Mom began to prepare the Sunday evening supper.

You see, you’ll want to be at my parent’s house during supper on Sundays. They are the best. Plus you can usually put together a pretty good to-go plate of leftovers. So as you may already have guessed, I’d stay through supper. Have a beer or two with Mom, Dad and maybe even Grandpa, while Grandma sips on her Red Zinfandel with ice or on occasion her whiskey on the rocks. And I ask you, how would you leave then? Well, of course, I didn’t. Finally, I would settle on the notion that I would awake at 4 AM, Monday morning to make the drive to Huntsville, just in time for the work week to begin.

I get at all this to illustrate to Maycee and Taylor, and all other incoming college students for that matter, that it’s okay to be homesick or have little doubts about what is to come. More than likely, you’ll have a similar experience. During football season, you’ll only come home on away game weekends, and maybe not even those. But once the Aggies play their final regular season game, life will be somewhat more flexible. Then before you know it’ll be Winter Break (most of December and January). And to your surprise, by the end of Winter Break, you’ll be ready to leave home and go back to school. Spring semester stays more flexible due to lack of a football schedule, but in general, it all works itself out. Going home once a month, or maybe once every other month seemed to be the normal for me. Of course, depending on your communities wedding season, there may be times when you have to head home three weekends straight. And then after those weekends, you and your parents will wonder how you ever lived under the same roof!

Don’t worry, I’ll be there, praying for your adventures. And I’ll be here if you ever need to call.

I believe I have retired the Fave Photo Friday series, but I do want to share some fun graduation pictures I took of Maycee and Taylor. Got to love having all of this free scenery/props (mini donkey) to use as our backdrops!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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