The Goings: Filling My Days with the Four-leggeds

Weaning Calves June 2016 - Cows -

It sure has been a busy June. Already halfway through 2016. Unbelievable. But can’t complain too much about that. Halfway through just means I have had plenty of weekends so far in 2016 to have fun and toe the line with trouble! :)

Figured it has been a hot minute since I shared pictures of cows with y’all. So today is the day, you’ll get to see lots of pictures. Disclaimer: not all pictures include four-legged mammals. Some contain no mammals at all. Also there may be a picture of a girl kissing a steer. And there’s going to be a special bonus at the end, so stay tuned!

We’re going to go through these reverse-chronologically, because as forgetful as I am, I better start with the new stuff before I forget!

This past weekend, well it was a long weekend as I had taken Friday off. Thursday after work, I high-tailed it to College Station to go dancing.. haha ok that wasn’t the only reason, but it was more than the whipped cream and cherry on top. Had a blast, but then I heard that cows were to be worked, and calves to be weaned Saturday. My weekend hadn’t been set in stone for this particular reason. I had an inkling this would happen. And I knew if I didn’t head home Friday, I would be sad to miss it. Boy I’m sure glad I did. Few things in the world make me happier than working cows with my uncle, sisters and cousins. It really shouldn’t be called work. It turns out to be mostly productive play.

Note the pictures in the section below were taken by my ever-talented, youngest sister, Kymber. The rest are all mine :)


We were blessed with beautiful, cloudy weather Saturday, and the occasional drizzle and pour. After this we did a number of other things to make the most of the day, and went in for a late-late lunch. But then I made a fateful mistake, I took a late afternoon nap. Oh my word. Getting up and trying to be productive after that two hour nap never was accomplished. I got up, left the house, then less than half an hour later we called it a day! Luckily, there’s always tomorrow and I finally got that eight hours of sleep my Fitbit has been telling me to get.

Alrighty, the Wednesday prior to working these cows and calves, armed with my camera, I took the four-wheeler out to the back pasture where these momma cows were hanging out under the oak trees. You’ll be able to see in the pictures that we have been raising some Curious Georges on the place this year. I was plenty entertained by these fellas and the girl version of the word fellas, so I ate my sandwich with them.

Going back a few weeks, we experienced quite the rain event. 10″ early one Sunday morning had our entire family (my family, uncle’s family and grandparents) stuck between two creeks. We had received some rain prior to that, an inch here, two inches there, but nothing extreme. And then all of a sudden, I’m awake watching the most ridiculous lightening storm I have ever witnessed. Luckily everyone and everything was alright. However, we did have to deal with no power or water for 18 hours. Things got a little western.

Not to mention we weren’t able to get across the creeks for the whole day. And then every time we did get across, we would be worried at the sight of rain and hurry home. It was such a strange week. Both Thursday and Friday I was not able to get out for work. Not only was the water up, but the amount of mud on our gravel road was so much to the point, my poor car had no chance. But when life gives you… blah blah blah. Anyhow, I made the most of it and wore rubber boots for way too many hours that week. here are a few I snapped from one of the days I was stuck, but I’ll have to work on a whole other post for those pictures.

Bonus time! The following pictures are from March and aren’t of cows, hence the word, “bonus”.


Okie doke. I hope you are entertained by these as much as I am. Each time I flip through pictures on my phone, laptop or external hard drive, I always have to take a second to look back at my ranch pictures. Even if they are years old, or I have looked at them countless times already. They make my heart sing and my mouth smile. Lucky for y’all, you never hear my mouth sing!

Happy Wednesday!

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